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Celebrate The Holidays With The Maryland Lottery

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Tune In For Great Gift Ideas This Holiday Season
Watch your local station for Carole Everett, the Maryland Lottery’s Gift Guru.

Holiday shopping just got easier!  The Maryland Lottery’s Gift Guru will appear on local TV stations throughout the 2009 holiday season and bring you some fun and affordable ideas for everyone on your list.  See the gifts created by Sheri at – you can even place your orders.

Maryland Lottery Scratch-Offs Make Great Decor…and Maybe Even More

Money may grow on trees when you make a Christmas tree from Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. It’s just one of the imaginative decorations you can create with our variety of instant tickets. They’re great as gifts or to spruce up your own home for the holidays. Click below for simple step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your own scratch-off trees, wreaths and more.




Click images to view larger version

Meet Us At The Mall

‘Tis the season to visit the Maryland Lottery booth.  We’ll be at the following shopping venues spreading holiday cheer with our prize wheel and great giveaways.  Be sure to check out our selection of fun and festive holiday scratch-offs.  Plus, pick up your Mega Millions and Multi-Match subscriptions – they’re the perfect stocking stuffers and terrific presents for everyone on your gift list.

December 5 Frederick “First Saturdays” Sidewalk Event
Classic Tobacco and British Goodies Store
4-8 PM
December 17 Westfield Montgomery Mall 3-8 PM
December 18 Security Square Mall 3-8 PM
  • Mike S.

    I noticed that both the Virginia Lottery and the Pennsylvania Lottery offered million dollar New Year’s raffles. They were both extremely successful and sold out. Why didn’t the Maryland lottery have a raffle? I thought lottery revenue was up this year. Thank you

    • Mike S.: You are right. The million dollar raffle has been successful in Virginia and Pennsylvania. We have tried it on two occasions in Maryland and each time we did not get the results we were looking for. At this time there are no plans to have a raffle game, but we will continue to look at the raffle concept, as well as other new ideas for future promotional consideration.

  • when is power ball comming to md

    • Lee V: An exact date for when PowerBall will be launched is still in discussion. We will have further information in the coming weeks. Early indications are that it will be launched in the first few months of the new year.

  • geral

    i would like it to be mandatory at all lottery retailers that the amount won on all lottery tickets, scratch offs,keno ..ect be shown to the customer the self check machines and at each register, have lottery officials go out and check retailers and make sure that nothing is blocking the payout amount on the machines, because i think that some are cheating the customers, especially when it’s busy such as when playing keno

    • Geral: While the self-check scanners don’t currently display the winning dollar amounts, we are working on implementing this feature. Look for it to be available in the near future.

  • Bobby T.

    My friends and I would like to see more information posted on what retailers have sold big tickets. Extremely helpful when listing unclaimed tickets and when/where they were purchased. We are not asking for winners names because I know people can reserve the right to be anonymous. Listing unclaimed tickets and where winning scratch offs/mega millions tickets etc. would really help out. Also, any update on when Powerball is coming to the Maryland Lottery? Thank you

    • Bobby T.:
      We are in the beginning stages of improving several aspects of our website. Some of the things you mentioned are on our list of potential improvements.
      Also, an exact date when PowerBall will be launched is still in discussion. We will have further information after the new year. Early indications are that it will be launched in the first quarter of the new year.

  • Oscar Lefeged

    why is that if u go into a wine & beer store to play a number and u are the only one there at the time and than someone comes in to buy beer they make u wait until they buy thier beer befor they wait on u. our money is the same as thiers so whats the differec

    • Oscar: Our Maryland Lottery customers are always first in our book and I certainly understand your wanting to be waited on in the appropriate order. It is left to the discretion of the retailer to determine who is next in line, but we encourage our over 4,000 Lottery retailers across Maryland to provide superior customer service at all times and will continue to do so.

  • heavy DEE

    I also see that most prizes are won in Baltimore…and have said numerous times they dont care about the rest of Maryland. That is the reason my friends and I limit how much we spend…Nothing against Baltimore but they have been getting perks long enough…SHARE THE WEALTH!

  • Dee

    I, and others, have noticed that most of the top prizes on scratch tickets are won in Baltimore. Hence, your Headquarters location. Also, you air the lottery drawings on Channel 11, a Baltimore channel. The lottery is played heavily across Maryland where Channel 11 is not offered on Cable/Fios Channels. It doesn’t seem fair. We are Maryland residents too.

  • Tina Feggans

    Is it my imagination or am I just missing something, it appears that every contest that the Maryland Lottery have, the majority of the winners are in Baltimore, the home of the Maryland Lottery. I have played lots of the games and it always appear residents of Baltimore are always winning.

    • Tina: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas.

      In addition to being a high-population area with a sizable number of players, Baltimore, MD covers 38 zip codes (USPS info). Residents come from localities all over the Baltimore metropolitan area, for example, a winner from 21286 claiming a prize may be listed in a press release as a Baltimore winner, even though residents in this zip code may be from Baltimore, Loch Raven or Towson.

    • Joyce

      Tina and Dee,
      I agree 100% and have written the MD lottery several times. Trust me they know where the winning tickets are being dropped off. I played seven $10 tickets before I saw a big $15 dollar winner. If the lottery can’t share the wealth I know what I’m going to do – stop playing! Everything is always Baltimore.

  • Paula

    Will you ever bring back the Count down to Millions game. It seems that since we are in a recession–that this would be a good time to reintroduce this game.

    • Paula: We do not have any plans to bring back this game at this time. I will take your idea to the promotions department for future consideration.



  • Sharon

    Do you plan on putting a tab on the winning numbers page so that we can see how many people had the pick 3 and pick 4 midday and evening numbers and what the payout was according to how many people had the number, straight/box, combo, front/back pair, etc. I’ve noticed that our surrounding states provide this information.

    • We have started discussions on how to improve our website in a number of ways. We will add this idea to the list of potential improvements.

  • Brad

    The livin lucky promotion that are suppose to have 6 winners every 2 weeks for $300.oo in scratch offs. How do you know if you win? There is no posting of the winners names anywhere.

    • We are working on updating the Lucky Prizes page to include the information you are looking for. Please keep in mind that winners names will not be publicized until it has been claimed. And to do so winners must keep the perforated section, which contains the lucky code. All winners will need to present their lucky code in order to claim their prize.

  • brenda

    yes i support to bring back the winnng numbers on a television station that has hdtv, because i cannot get channel 11

  • I buy Raven $5.00 scratch offs when I can. It looks like others can afford much more than I can which makes it more likely for them to win. I would love to win something for my grandson’s. I only have two It looks like my chances are pretty slim.



    • Currently, Maryland Lottery drawings are broadcast only on Baltimore-based WBAL-TV Channel 11. Players outside the broadcast range of WBAL can obtain drawing results from the Lottery online at, calling our winning numbers line at 410-230-8830, or by visiting one of our more than 4,000 retailers State-wide. Additionally, after each drawing is completed, winning numbers are communicated to all major newspapers and broadcast channels across Maryland. Please, check with your own local news stations or newspapers to find out where and when these results are posted.

  • Greg P.

    I purchased a ton of the Living Lucky Scratch-offs and entered them online. I am sad to see that the percentage sold thru is only @ 44%- and only 3 winners have been awarded for this second go around. I have been buying them since June. Any plans to ramp up sales? Please advise. Hope my diligence pays off. Also- do you keep my already entered tickets in your database from June from the first Living Lucky promotion so that I don’t have to re-enter for this second promotion?

    • Greg: We’re glad you are enjoying the Livin’ Lucky game. Please keep the perforated section which contains the lucky code. If you are a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize. Also, we have had more than three winners, we’ve just provided a sample of those who have won. Winners have the right to remain anonymous if they choose.

      Also, every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs each! Players are automatically entered when they register and enter their Lucky codes at And, every time an additional 10% of the Livin’ Lucky scratch-off is sold, a drawing will be held for one winner to receive $10,000. At the end of the promotion (after the final claim date has been announced for the scratch-off) a grand prize of $100,000 will be given to one winner.

  • john lebon

    i check out the prizes remaining on the scratch-offs, it does not tell you how maney tickets are left in a game?- like how maney tickets are left in the scratch-off (pop corn?) to be soled? that should be listed

    • John: We do not supply this information at this time. We are currently planning improvements to our website and your idea will be taken into consideration.

  • P. B.

    I noticed the second chance contests have not been reported well. I sent in about 50 Deal or No Deal non-winning scratch offs- for the Second Chance contest. This was for the Sept 2009 deadline. There was not one announcement in reference to the 7 local winners etc. I don’t think I will buy any scratch offs that have second chance contests because I think you throw away the entries. There needs to more reliability or an audit to assure players that they are not wasting 44 cents everytime they put a stamp on a non-winning ticket and send it in.

    • PB:
      Seven semi-finalists were selected for a multi-state drawing held in September. Each won $500 and had a chance to win an additional prize in the game finale. The final round of this contest had only one winner, Virginia Cole of Cincinnati, OH, who won $250,000 and entered the contest with an Ohio Lottery Deal or No Deal scratch-off. If you want to read more about Virginia, the Ohio Lottery has information posted on their winner’s row section of their website.

      The second-chance page dedicated to this game and its results is no longer on, so we’ve included the semi-finalist information below:

      Mike Snukis from Glen Burnie
      James Sharp from Baltimore
      Deborah Speight from Hyattsville
      Melissa Stone from Baltimore
      Lou Silvestri from Baltimore
      Marius Fred Asch Jr. from Baltimore
      Mike Teske from Bowie

      With a second-chance game as popular as our Deal Or No Deal scratch-off, the number of players entering a contest will always be much larger than the number of winners.

      We are glad that you are trying the second-chance contests and hope you are enjoying them. Look for more exciting second-chances to win at!


    • Thank you for your note Robert. We’ll take a look at the font size we’re using. Something that can also help is to adjust the font size settings within your web browser. If you hold down the CTRL key and also press the + key at the same time, your browser settings will increase the size of the text on all web pages you visit making them easier to read. Hope that helps.

  • nathaniel engel

    no chaseing the second chance govbuddy