2012 Medal Madness Winners

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

To claim your prize, please contact Gail Pelovitz at 410-230-8809.

Congratulations to our Medal Madness Prize Winners.

$250,000 Winner
Kenny Smith from Glen Burnie

$50,000 Winner
Hazel Thornton from Baltimore

$25,000 Winner
Shawn Davis from Owings Mills

$1,000 Winners
Verla Hill from Huntingtown
Izett Blair from Silver Spring
Antoine Richardson from Lanham
Stephen Norris from Glen Burnie
Linda Cumberland from Baltimore
Richard Eckler from Glen Burnie
Sharon Holbrook from Fruitland
Annestan Boyd from Prince Frederick
Cindy Kelly from Dundalk
Mary Handy from Baltimore
Matthew Buswell from Ellicott City
James Burke from Beltsville
Sabrina Pierce from Accokeek
Yogesh Shah from Laurel
Susan Mellen from Welcome
Claudia Smith from Landover
James Allen from Bowie
Walter Brown Jr. from Baltimore
Stephen Gensler from Hagerstown
Joann Talley-Smith from Gwynn Oak
Sarah Nobles from Glen Burnie
George Dix from Pasadena
Judy Kelly from Glen Burnie
Godfrey McBean from Hagerstown
Percy Sherrod from Baltimore
Don Amend from Baltimore
Roderick Malupe from Centreville, VA
Von Le from Frederick
Dallas Smith Jr. from Glen Burnie
Joseph Endrich from Glen Burnie
Anna Hough from Baltimore
Linda Grimes from Pasadena
George Clarkson from Glenn Dale
Trong Le from Catonsville
James Barbour from Seat Pleasant
Ronald Brady from Laurel
Juan Ramos from Randallstown
William Chambers from Ellicott City
Deborah Pringle from Baltimore
Nak Won Lee from College Park
Darlene Canon from Edgewood
Steve Tharpe from Great Mills
James Brown from Forestville
Stanley Miller from Ft. Washington
Cheryl Kouns from Glen Burnie
Eugene Samuel from Baltimore
Anthony Walker from Baltimore
Mary Melachi from Baltimore
Brenda Bridget from Baltimore
Ki Anderson from Gaithersburg

  • Andy

    I’m with Butch…really MD Lottery…I like how you guys explain away the so called frequent player demographics…I KNOW personally a lot of people who spend great amounts of money on Md lottery and are not from around the Baltimore Beltway !THANKS Butch and others for calling them out on what appears to be prejudicial treatment ! Trust me Md lottery doesn’t mind the money being won and spent in there back YARD !

  • Amen, Fastmoney!

  • I agree with you on that, Something not adding up with this.

  • I count 24 winners all from the Baltimore City area…Again, I smell that rat. I’ve played Md lottery games many of yrs. the highest amount I ever won is $180, And that was 5 yrs ago. That rat odor is getting stronger!!!

  • pam oliver

    I guess I’ll try again next time,congrats to all the winner

  • David Hardy

    I can”t believe it. Some one from the lower Eastern Shore won . Not Big!! but at least a Winner, Congrats Go out to Sharon

  • Valarie

    I never win play all the games but never win.

  • sunshine3414

    Wow me sending in my tickets did not mean a thing…..I am hot.

  • Tony

    This is BULL—- there were only 3 winners in or around PG County. I personally submitted 5 entries this time and no less than 7 entries in MD Logo Hunt each year game was held. Spread the wealth, PG residents deserve more than what they receive the director must be Republican. Oh yeah Congrats to the winners. Really not complaining I’ve hit a 4Digit 26 times straight since 1993 and 11 of those were Quick Picks.

  • Fastmoney

    Wow I’m really disappointed I really thought I had a shot at least at winning 1,000 maybe I should move to Baltimore I might have a better shot ……

  • mdlottery

    DC Player: We received over 100,000 entries for the Medal Madness contest.

    • How do the player know if you really did receive those 100,000 entries?????

  • mdlottery

    SofnSxy: The Monopoly bonus drawings have concluded as of 8/29/12.

  • mdlottery

    SofnSxy: The winners are now included on the page. Good luck.

  • JNS

    It would be great since the md lottery has been doin some double promotions and double the 50 winner to 100 winners.either way great promotion non the less.I would love to have a job where i got to call peolple and congradulate them on winning a large some of money.I As a kid I always thought it must feel great to knock on someones door and tell them they won the sweepstakes or a contest.i would get great satisfaction out of seeing there joy.especially if they really need the money.keep up the good work md lottery.

  • JNS

    Are the 50 $1000.00 already drawed and notified but just haven’t been posted,or are they still drawing them.Just curious if I stilll have a shot haha

    • mdlottery

      JNS: The winners have now been posted. Good luck.

  • ladycoins

    who are the 1,000 winners where is the list

    • mdlottery

      ladycoins: The $1,000 winners will be announced by close of business on Thursday, September 6.

  • Zelda D. Brown

    Congratulation to all three top prize winners, I just wish one of them was me. (smile) and don’t spent it all in one place.

  • Why everytime theres a large lottery trier the winner always come from the Baltimore Area….I smell something funny going on hear!!!! Anyone else? *NOT*…from the Baltimore area??? BTW Checkout the above winners…All from the SOME area!!!!

    • mdlottery

      Butch: Thanks for writing in. We get this comment a lot. People living in Baltimore believe all the winners are elsewhere and vice versa. Truth is the geographic locations of our winners are all random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our winners stories. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

      You can also check out our new winner’s map featuring top prize winners throughout the state.

    • That’s crazy I’m from Baltimore and have never won anything big, maybe 40-$80.00 at one time. Never anything big. I always think that it’s other counties that have the big winners

  • zeezee

    I just knew I would win guess not congrats to those that did

  • AST0126

    congrats to all of you.