$30,000 Winning Scratch-off Discovered in Church Collection Plate

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Parish Benefits from Cash Craze Crossword Top Prize

A struggling Baltimore parish received a surprising donation two Sundays ago, when a Maryland Lottery Cash Craze Crossword scratch-off arrived in the collection plate. The ticket, which was already scratched revealing the win, was discovered by the church’s pastor when tallying the day’s contributions. “I’m not too familiar with these tickets,” said the pastor. “I asked somebody if it was a winner.” The response was “It looks like it’s a winner to me.” With this affirmation, the 55-year-old church leader brought the ticket to Lottery Headquarters, where the largesse of an anonymous individual was confirmed.

“I have no idea who did this,” the pastor declared. “I really have no clue.” The church, which has been experiencing financial difficulties, will use the money toward operating expenses, but the pastor also wishes to give some back to the people. “We have a lot of people in need,” he said. “Hopefully, we can give some back, especially since this is the way we received it.”

Although this unexpected windfall is much-appreciated, the church still faces financial challenges.  With that in mind, the smiling pastor said that he intends to buy $5 worth of Mega Millions tickets for Friday night’s drawing which has a jackpot of $312 million.

The donated winning ticket was purchased at #1 Liberty Mart, located at 8625 Liberty Rd. in Randallstown.

  • needaname

    I truly believe people are giving back more than ever.

  • DeeLee

    “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7)


  • Joy O

    I am truly happy that there are honest Pastors that serve our God, God bless you for returning this donation to God.
    May God bless the anonymous donor with riches and good life. Amen.

  • David Hardy

    God Bless the person who did this. this is a true example of what God intends for his Children to do to show LOVE for each other. I have often wished I could win something big and give to My Church or other Charities. This gives me inspiration that someday if I wait long enough It could happen for me.

    • karen

      If u realty think God did that then someone else really needs to for your thinking… lol

  • Paula

    Glory be to God. This generous person is a walking example of a true Christian. They saw a need and did something about it. I can only imagine the joy in that kind persons heart!

  • There is so much bad news all the time, but as we see, there ARE kind hearted folks still in this world, Thank God!!

  • Joanie

    This REALLY brought a tear to my eye. I was so moved!! May our LORD bless the person/persons who did this many times over.


  • Andy Valiante

    Great news. May peace and long life be with the one who gave you the gift

  • sherrie

    May God bless the person who gave up the loot to the church, they will have many many blessings to come.Bless the pastor who gives back also, he knows his purpose is to serve those in need.

  • Joe

    When my father passed away suddenly in May of ’98,my mother and I were left all alone,with nothing.We literally begged any and every person we could possibly think of,for assistance,so we could buy a loaf of bread,and not lose our home.We were a very small family,and never asked for help,before.Needless to say,nobody would help.We had no money for food,and wound up losing our home.

    The reason I’m sharing this is,when we went to our local parish for assistance,of which we were members for years,they turned their backs on us,also.The response they gave was,”Go ask your neighbors for help!” So,to the kind-hearted souls in the world,who truly care about people,I thank you.But,I can honestly say,if there should ever come a time,I get so fortunate to win a large sum of money,I will NEVER go anywhere near a church,with a cent of it.I will find and help,the people who truly need and deserve it.

    • SANDY

      Dear Joe: your story truly breaks my heart, but sadly I hear this all to often. I am so sorry that your church treated you this way – maybe they should really learn the word of God – where it says we are responsible for the widows of this world! My church gives to everyone who asks – regardless if you are a member or not. We have a food bank that is filled with food and if you can make a small donation great and if you can’t – then it is free! Please don’t turn your back on God because of what a few people have done to you – seek out a giving, kind and loving church – one that truly understands what the word of God says!
      Love in Christ and much prayer for you and your Mother – S


    To God be the glory !!!!!!
    May God blessed the person that gave and everyone connected to the person

  • Sonja

    What a wonderful and selfless act of kindness! God works in mysterious ways. He is at work every day in each of our lives. There is power in prayer.

  • suzy628@hotmail.com

    Hopefully the church won’t have to pay the taxes on it as it is a non-profit. Let’s see how the Maryland Gov. tries to squeeze money out of this one. God Bless the person who donated this to the church , he might of been thinking the church won’t have to pay the taxes and can have more of the money to do God’s work to the people in need.

  • F.Parker

    That’sa Blessing from ABOVE!!

  • brigitte


  • What a wonderful blessing to recieve something so very much needed from and anonymous person, may God continue to pour out his windows of blessings to all in need.

  • Ms. LaRae

    This was a kind and wonderful gesture. Many of you will not hit the lottery; therefore it is important to remember that you should still give a portion of your blessings (everything you have is a blessing) to God on a continuous basis and overtime you will soon match if not exceed that $30,000 gift from the anonymous donor.

  • stan webster


  • There are beautiful, caring and loving people in this society. God bless all of you.

  • Ann Newman

    God bless all of you. There are wonderful people in this nation.