$5 Fridays Promotion – Now through February 22

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Fridays just got even better.

Players who enter two non-winning $5 scratch-off tickets into My Lottery Rewards will be entered into a drawing every Friday for a chance to win a full book of $5 Monopoly scratch-off tickets with a value of $300!

We will have 21 winners per week, every week starting January 12 through February 22; 147 winners total.

Drawing Date Winners
Week 1 – Thursday, January 12 View this week’s winners
Week 2 – Thursday, January 19 View this week’s winners
Week 3 – Thursday, January 26 TBA
Week 4 – Thursday, February 2 TBA
Week 5 – Thursday, February 9 TBA
Week 6 – Thursday, February 16 TBA
Week 7 – Thursday, February 23 TBA

Winners will be drawn on Thursdays and announced on Fridays. View the rules for this promotion here.


  • mdlottery

    In order to have 7 entries, you would need to enter 14 tickets — 1 entry for every 2 tickets you enter. You get a single entry with 2 tickets.

  • sheenab

    If i want to enter 2 non winning $5 scratch offs,7 times,for the drawing 4 this Friday , does that mean that I will be entered 7 times bettering my chances for this week’s drawing?????

    • mdlottery

      That is correct. If you have a total of 14 non-winning $5 scratch-off tickets and enter all of them this week, you will receive a total of 7 entries in the drawing (one entry for every two tickets you enter). We receive many thousands of entries for our second-chance contests, and the results are purely the luck of the draw. Submitting more entries does not necessarily mean you will win, but from a statistical standpoint, it does give a slight boost to your chances.

  • Ankoor

    $5 Fridays Promotion – Now through February 22 – is this for all $5 dollar scratch off tickets?
    Thank you

    • mdlottery

      Yes, non-winning tickets from all current $5 Maryland Lottery scratch-off games are eligible.

    • John

      How come we can not scan the tickets for this promotion, I had to type in each ticket, please explain , Sincerely, John

      • mdlottery

        We are not aware of any technical problems that would prevent you from scanning tickets with the My Lottery Rewards mobile app. If you are having trouble getting the app to scan your tickets, please contact the Rewards Player Services staff by using the help form at the following link, or by calling 1-800-201-0108.


  • Yitz

    So you can only enter two non-winning $5 tickets per drawing?

    • mdlottery

      You can enter as many pairs of $5 tickets per drawing as you like. Each time you submit two $5 tickets, you will receive one entry. If you enter one ticket this week and another next week, the system will pair them together and give you a $5 Fridays entry for next week’s drawing (after you enter the second ticket). The entries are not cumulative, so each pair of tickets you enter is good only for that week’s drawing.