9-9-9 Pick 3 Pays Out Plenty

Friday, March 28th, 2014

$1.4 million paid out to Pick 3 players on Wednesday

Wednesday night’s winning evening Pick 3 numbers of 9-9-9 put plenty of cash in the hands of Lottery players! The drawing resulted in more than $1.4 million finding its way back into Marylanders’ pockets. As triple digits are always popular with Lottery players, this drawing, which took in approximately $418,000 in sales, produced nearly 6,000 winning tickets across the state. The 9-9-9 combination was last drawn in Maryland on Dec. 15, 2012. Congratulations to our lucky players!

  • mdlottery

    Each drawing is completely random. Every Maryland Lottery drawing is conducted in strict adherence to detailed procedures in order to guarantee the integrity of the results. These procedures call for numerous security checks and much testing of equipment and Lottery balls both before and after every single drawing. Security cameras document all that happens in the studio – 24 hours a day. To further guarantee the integrity of our drawings independent auditing firms perform unannounced visits, as do officials from the Lottery’s Security Division.

  • rhonda voss

    What about 111

    • Isaiah Banks

      Right Rhonda I’ve been seeing those triple 1s for weeks so I started playing them they coming keep them in girl

  • eckhart26

    The previous system was much better, the number finder is a complete waste. I just want to see one specific number, not the history of that time period.

  • mdlottery

    You are still able to look up the history of a number with our Numbers Finder.

  • Barbara

    To The Maryland Lottery, I have played the Md. Lottery since the beginning, and so has my grandparents (passed) and many relatives. I once remember my dad purchased a 17 for 1 ticket back in 1978-79? Not actually sure of the date….These were tickets that already had numbers picked or printed on them. On TV the drawing took place and when they came to the 5 digit in which wheels were spun and the ball fell into a slot when the wheel stopped. Well, my mom hit!!! I remember sitting and watching each number come out….and to this day, I can recall the recall the moment and the numbers….00017. My mom was frantic along with my dad (both have passed), and I was to!!!! Thanks for making my mom happy that day Md. Lottery….thanks.

  • Yolie

    The winning numbers for July tx loytery

  • Cathy

    can you purchase a subscription for pick 3 ?

    • mdlottery

      Unfortunately, we do not offer subscriptions for Pick 3. We currently offer subscriptions for Mega Millions and Multi-Match. You can find more information on subscriptions here.

  • mdlottery

    We currently do not have a specific date set for when Keno Online will be back up. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for an announcement on when it will be up and running.

  • pas828

    Thank you MD Lottery I have been playing this numbers for twenty years and i was in bad shape money wise but then on 3/27 Thursday night i was bless by the MD Lottery Lady luck on 8880 Thank you I still cant believe it!

    • sharonda

      That’s all the money u put in