Annapolis Woman Attracts Cash with Money Magnet

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
Shelly Gross - Money Magnet

Shelly Gross celebrates her $30,000 Money Magnet
win at Lottery headquarters.

Wins $30,000 on Money Magnet Scratch-Off

Shelly Gross works in downtown Annapolis as a chef. After work, she has an appetite for Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. Last week when she stopped after work, as is her custom, to get her Lottery scratch-off tickets, she discovered good fortune was on the menu.

“I bought five tickets,” said Shelly. “All of them were the same and I took them home to scratch them.” Shelly was alone when she discovered that one of her Money Magnet tickets was a $30,000 top prize winner. “I just said ‘Wow!’” exclaimed the soon-to-be 49-year-old.

Describing her reaction as “total disbelief” Shelly calmed down and then waited anxiously for her husband to return home so that she could share her good news. “I bolted to the door and nearly knocked him over,” said Shelly. She then sat him down and carefully pointed to each number, which revealed the win.

With five grandchildren, Shelly intends to share a bit of her winnings, but the bulk of the prize will go toward paying bills. “Those credit cards…I’m going to pay those babies off,” she said laughing. “Then I’m going to get a new car.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Main Street Mini Mart, located at 222 Main St. in Annapolis.

  • Valerie

    We just heard and we are happy for you!

  • al devore

    Iam so happy for you!

  • Jade

    Congrats, Shelly! You have the right idea to pay off those bills first and foremost because being debt-free is the gift that keeps on giving:)!

  • Tammy

    good for you shelly hope it’s me soon

  • just believe

    Good for you Shelly! I can’t wait to experience that feeling!!

  • Stephanie

    Go Shelly!!! I’m happy for you.