Anne Arundel County Man Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize

Monday, September 12th, 2011

It’s not often that this second-tier Powerball winner plays the Lottery. By his admission, it may be four or five times a year.  As luck would have it, one of his rare Lottery purchases resulted in a $200,000 prize.

It was about three weeks ago that the Friendship resident stopped into his favorite 7-11 to buy a beverage. He happened to have a $5 bill in his pocket and decided, on a whim, to buy $5 worth of Powerball tickets. He put the tickets in his wallet and thought little more about them, until this past Friday when he stopped into the 7-11 again, and remembered to scan them to see if he had any winners.

When the scanner said “See Lottery” he asked the clerk what it meant. The clerk responded with “Let me get the manager.” The manager then said, “This is a good ticket. You’re a big winner.”  The store employees quickly gathered to congratulate the stunned gentleman.

Low-key about his newfound wealth, the winner has shared the news with only his girlfriend and parents. “I called my girlfriend and told her to sit down,” he said. “I told her ‘I’m not lying. I’m not joking. I’m dead serious. I just won $200,000 in the Lottery. I swear.’”

The 38-year-old will continue his typical Lottery play, but acknowledged “I need to play to win.”  He intends to use his prize money wisely, paying bills and sharing with friends and family. “I’m going to spend a little and save a lot.”  The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11, located at 5809 Deale-Churchton Rd. in Deale.

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  • Barbara, Stevensville, MD

    I am very happy for you.  Just be careful and don’t spend quickly.

  • ROSIE1220

    Enjoy your life take it slow pay all your debts first dont throw it away it goes fast put some for a rainy day……

                                             Rosie Odenton MD

  • Ch12800

    Congratulation and enjoy God is Good!!!!