Baltimore Man is Living Lucky

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Wins $250,000 on Livin’ Lucky Scratch-off

Livin-LuckyCan you get a good vibe by simply looking at the name of a particular scratch-off?  One Baltimore winner said that’s what happened when he decided to purchase a Livin’ Lucky ticket earlier today. He liked the name and figured that this time around, he would be the one to win big money. His premonition proved true.

After purchasing the Livin’ Lucky ticket, he scratched it in the store and realized he was $250,000 richer.  “I was in shock.  I looked at the ticket three times,” said the winner.  He was so excited that he let the entire store know. “Everybody in the store thought I was crazy when I ran outside into the parking lot saying I won $250,000,” he said.  The good news traveled fast as he quickly shared his good fortune with his two children and son-in-law.

The 50-year-old forklift operator plans to pay off his house with his winnings, share with family and invest the rest.  The happy winner said that he occasionally plays Mega Millions and Powerball when the jackpots get high. He intends to buy Powerball tickets in hopes of returning to Lottery Headquarters to claim Saturday night’s jackpot of $218 million. The winning ticket was purchased at Royal Farms, located on 4015 Northpoint Blvd in Baltimore.

  • Janet Schafer

    Where can I purchase “Livin Luckey” scratch off tickets in the Owings Mills area? Or the closest to OM.

    • mdlottery

      Janet: Can you provide a specific zip code?

  • Who won the 5/12/2011 drawing for 10,000 and why are they taking so long to post the results?

    • mdlottery

      Randolph: We have to validate and confirm the entry before the winner is posted. The winner has now been posted at

  • Cathy

    It seems quite a few people, including myself, are wondering why so many people win in the Baltimore area. I have to agree with fubs. Maybe “Maryland” lottery should be renamed “Baltimore” lottery. Seems very coincidental.

  • stan

    Ever since this win,most of md is sold out on this ticket.I can not find it from balto to ocean persons good luck has all of us lookin for the next winning ticket.I hope i find the next winner first.LOL

  • Pat Johnson

    I agree with Denise andFubs in that the Baltimore people always win. My friend and I was thinking about just driving up to
    Baltimore to purchase some tickets. Hopefully, we will have some luck.
    Maybe it will happen someday soon or maybe the Md lottery can send some winning tickets are way.

  • Tiffani

    Congrats! Are there any more $250k prizes left in that game?

    • mdlottery

      Tiffani: Yes there is one left. You can find the prizes remaining on all of our scratch-offs here.

      • mike221

        When is the md lottery going to update the scratchoff page? Hasn’t been updated since 4/07.

        • mdlottery

          mike221: Thank you for writing in. We are aware of the issue and are troubleshooting to determine why the update isn’t occurring as it should. Thank you for your patience while we fix the problem.

  • Vickie

    Congrats!!! Wish it would be one day but I have no luck on scratch offs.

  • Where was ticket purchased??????????

    • mdlottery

      vickey: It was bought at Royal Farms, located on 4015 Northpoint Blvd in Baltimore. This information can typically be found within the story in the last paragraph.

  • Bobbi R

    Yup this man came into my store …. and yes we all thought he was crazy.. what they left out was that he said he was going to come back and give us all a tip.. but we didn’t think he would.. probably just something he said off the top of head from just winning $250,000 LMAO

    • B Ray

      I have to apologize.. this man did come back into our store and gave each one of us that was working that day a very unexpected generous tip. He is a very nice man. Thank you again

  • Congrats dude . Spend wisely .

  • Congrats! I might have to start going down to Baltimore to purchase my tickets!

  • Pat

    I buy my tickets there every day I never had that luck. but I am very happy for you . Maybe we can keep the luck going in this area God knows we all need it. Great going!!

  • Lottowinner

    Nice to see it will be spent wisely if it goes into the home and investments. This is a great chance to turn everything around use it frugally!

  • stan

    wow i never that machine would ever sell a winner in it

  • Fubs

    Surprise surprise,ANOTHER Baltimore winner!!! Maybe you should change the name to,”Baltimore Lottery!”

  • Denise

    Here we go again with Baltimore winning again!!