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Baltimore Nurse Multiplies Win

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Takes home $50,000 Money Multiplier prize

Money MultiplierAll it took was three stores, a handful of scratch-offs and a little bit of luck for a Baltimore woman to walk away with a $50,000 Money Multiplier win. The 61-year-old woman, who is a self-proclaimed avid scratch-off player, chalks her win up to good luck, dedication and a “special feeling” that tells her when to go buy Lottery tickets.

The nurse told Lottery officials that she often finds herself pulling over to pick up a few Lottery tickets when the feeling hits. “I’ll be driving somewhere and get the sudden urge to get off at the next exit and buy a couple tickets,” she said. “I’ll usually get a little lucky. Nurses need money too!”

On this particular day, the lucky woman stopped at three stores to pick up various scratch-offs. The woman laughed when Lottery officials informed her that the winning ticket was purchased at her first stop of the day. “If I had checked the ticket before my other two stops I could’ve saved myself a little money,” she laughed.

For now the woman plans to put her winnings towards a new Jeep or a Honda to replace her old car which has been having some engine trouble. “I’ll treat my grandchildren to a little something with whatever is left,” she said. The winning ticket was purchased at the Towsontown Exxon at 201 East Joppa Road in Towson.

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