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Baltimore Taxi Driver Picks Up $77,700 Lottery Scratch-off Win

Thursday, June 20th, 2013
Gregory McQuaid - 7X the Money

Gregory and Debi McQuaid of Baltimore City celebrate winning $77,700
on a 7X the Money Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Customer’s advice leads to 7X the Money top prize

Longtime taxi driver Gregory McQuaid of Baltimore is glad he paid attention when a regular customer boasted about multiple $35 wins on the 7X the Money Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket.

When he made his weekly scratch-off purchase on Wednesday, the 41-year-old decided to try the $5 ticket. Gregory fell to the ground after seeing that every single number on his ticket was a winner – for a grand total of $77,700!

After he picked himself up off the floor, Gregory called his wife Debi to share his life-changing news. “I told her to sit down and then let her know how much I had won,” he said. “When she didn’t believe me, I gave the phone to the store clerk to convince her.”

To celebrate, Gregory and Debi took the lucky ticket to a store to make color copies. “This is just all too hard to believe,” Gregory said. “I’ve always said that I would win big one day.”

The big win is even more special due to the involvement of Gregory’s lucky number, which is seven. Everything from the name of the game to the prize payout was tied to the number. “Seven has always been my lucky number,” he said. “This just proves how lucky it is!”

The couple plans to use the money to replace their roof, which has seen better days. “The last storm really didn’t help,” Gregory shared. “We can definitely do the repairs we need now.”

Gregory found his lucky 7x the Money ticket at Linthicum Market, located at 421 South Came Meade Road in Linthicum.

  • Richard Houston

    Thanks again for responding. My point is simply this. A multimatch match of 6 of 6 on one line gives you the jackpot while matching 5 of 6 only gives you a chickenfeed percentage of the jackpot ($1007.00). Bonus Match 5 pays $50,000.00 for matching 5 of 5, while matching 4 of 5 only gives you $400.00. ($600.00) with bonus ball LOL. Make your multimatch and bonus match 5 players happy and up the runner up prizes a little. You think the MD Lottery could afford to do so?

  • mdlottery

    Richard: Clearly, not all lottery games are created equal.

    With that said, in this case, each state has made individual business decisions regarding their games and what is right for their players demographics and what will make the game most attractive.

    Maryland will continue to attempt to make these business decisions that make sense for our state in an effort to to develop games that are fun and entertaining to everyone.

  • mdlottery

    Richard: Thanks for your recent inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our players and your opinion means a lot to us. The Lottery attempts to develop games that are fun and entertaining to everyone. However, we do realize that we may not appeal to everyone. And, that what is entertaining to some, may not be entertaining to others. We will consider your comments when future products are developed.