Beginner’s Luck Lands Top Prize for New Carrollton Woman

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
elida rivera-roulette scratch-off

Elida Rivera celebrates her scratch-off win with family & friends.

Wins $30,000 on Roulette Scratch-Off Ticket

“This was my first time playing a scratch-off,” said a very happy, but nervous Elida Rivera, as she shared the news of her recent win with Lottery officials. The 31-year-old, New Carrollton woman won $30,000 playing the Roulette scratch-off game.

The lucky winner bought the ticket yesterday while picking up some scratch-offs for her sister. “I bought her one ticket and decided to get one for me too,” she said. “I didn’t even know how to play it. I had to read the instructions carefully.” After learning how to play, Elida didn’t hesitate and scratched the ticket right there in the store. She had no idea it was a winner. “I wasn’t sure, so the cashier checked it and said I had won something big.”

Elida hurried home to share the news with her two sisters and a neighbor, who all accompanied her to Lottery Headquarters today. “I told them that I thought I won a lot,” said Elida. “But, it still really has not sunk in.” The mother-of-five still has not shared the news with her husband and children. “I wanted proof before I told them,” said the fortunate player.

Elida said she is not going to do much with her windfall, except save and maybe get a new car. The winning ticket was purchased at Riverdale Plaza Liquors, located at 5729 Riverdale Rd. in Riverdale.

  • sajid iqbal

    i am going to win the lottery

  • Anonymous

    happy for you .but don’t you think you should have gave some to your sister.
    after all she’s the reason ,you have anything, think about it.????

  • Anonymous

    whats soo funny Liz?

  • Liz

    Hahahaha…what a fricken JOKE!!!