Bowie Man Wins $50,000 Taxes-Paid Prize

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Claims Tax Free $50,000 Scratch-off

Nervous, elated and still in shock, the Bowie resident sat down in the Lottery’s Winners Lounge and attempted to pull himself together. “Give God the glory that’s all I can say,” said the lucky winner.

On Saturday, the 35-year-old had finished a 10-hour shift at McDonalds and was picked up from work by his girlfriend, who also accompanied him to Lottery Headquarters. Wanting to relax after his long work stint, he stopped to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes – playing Lottery games. He purchased a $5 Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off and a $3 Bingo-themed ticket but was so tired he handed both tickets to his girlfriend and had her do the honors.

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Upon scratching the Tax Free $50,000 ticket, she began to laugh. “Guess what, you won,” she said. “What? $500? $5,000?” he asked. “You won $50,000,” she said still laughing. The happy player continued his winning streak with a $10 win on the second ticket.

After signing the back of his “big” winner, the man put his Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off in a home safe until coming to claim his prize. “I was so excited and exhausted, I just passed when I got home,” he said.

The winner plans to give 10% to church and said he will leave it up to God to help him decide what to do with the rest of his winnings. The winning ticket was purchased at Rips Restaurant, located at 3809 N. Crain Hwy. in Bowie.

  • Congrats good Buddy. It’s truly a wonderful thing to give to the Church. I always wished I could hit something of a great magnitude so I could give to the Churches in the area where I Live, because most of the Churches around here are small and family rooted and not much support from the outside community. May God Bless You. And he will lead you in the right direction.