Business Trip to Baltimore Brings Bonanza

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

New York Woman Wins $50,000

Price Is RightFive hours here, five hours back – a lot of time for anyone to spend in a car. But Lottery officials heard no complaints from a New York woman who came in today to claim a $50,000 The Price is Right scratch-off.

The 49-year-old coffee vendor from Queens had been in town last week on business. “I was making a deal for some organic coffee,” she said. While visiting some friends in Calvert County, the woman was lucky enough to pick up a winning ticket. “My friend was getting a ticket so I did, too,” she told Lottery officials.

The coffee vendor selected the Lottery’s new The Price is Right scratch-off, only to realize later while scratching it at her friend’s home, that she had something extraordinary in her hands. “I saw that it was a big winner. My friend saw that it was a big winner, but we just could not believe it.”

Today’s winner, a mother-of-four, plans to put her winnings away, maybe for part of a down payment on a new house. She’ll be sure to stop by her lucky store, the Safeway at 80 West Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick when she comes back to visit Maryland.

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