Cambridge Dishwasher Cleans Up with Second Bonus Match 5 Win [VIDEO]

Thursday, May 5th, 2011


Claims $50,000 Prize for the Second Time

Robert Foxwell - Bonus Match 5“I got it again. I got it again,” said Robert Foxwell, as he entered the Winner’s Lounge at Lottery Headquarters. Accompanied by his mom, stepfather and stepsister, the 53-year-old couldn’t contain his excitement. It was only five years ago, May 13, 2006, that he claimed his first Bonus Match 5 win.

Robert, an avid fan of Lottery play, bought his latest big winner on April 28th. After missing the evening’s drawing on TV, he went online at to check his numbers. “The numbers just popped right out at me,” said Robert. “I knew immediately.” Robert called to his mother, with whom he lives and told her, “You’ve got to see this!” “He was nearly hyperventilating,” said the winner’s mom. “I thought he was going to faint.” The happy pair quickly woke up the winner’s stepdad to share the good news. “You lucky stiff,” was his response.

Robert intends to give some of his winnings to his parents and purchase a car. Anything left over will be put in the bank. When asked how his previous windfall was spent, Robert said with a laugh, “I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed a lot of good meals.”

The winning Quick Pick Bonus Match 5 ticket was purchased at Cambridge Inc., located at 2903 Ocean Gateway in Cambridge.

  • congrats hope it makes your life a little more easier

  • It is nice to see a good hearted local person take home the prize and to win twice, that is just a double bonus. We need someone to represent for our county! Now since i recently lost everything it would be nice to share in some of that with a win so spread some of that good luck this way!-Congrats!

  • Denny Stankiewicz Jr

    Congrats on the win times 2 and maybe you can send some luck my way, I could use it!!!!