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Cambridge Mechanic Almost Throws Away $50,000 Fortune

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Cambridge resident Donyere Bowens celebrates his $50,000 Amazing 8’s win.

$50,000 Amazing 8’s Scratch-off Saved from Trash

If not for a sudden desire for a cold cut sub, Donyere Bowens of Cambridge might never have stopped in at a Lottery retailer for lunch and a scratch-off ticket.  And, if not for an attentive cashier who stopped him from throwing that ticket away, he might never have made it to Lottery headquarters to claim his $50,000 prize.

Donyere, an unemployed mechanic, decided to get a $5 Amazing 8’s instant ticket while he waited for his sandwich.  “I’ve had pretty good luck with $5 tickets in the past,” he told officials.  “I scratched my game and thought I’d struck out.  I turned to look for a trashcan when the guy behind the counter stopped me.”  A closer examination revealed the $50,000 win.  “When he told me it was a big winner I was sure he was wrong.  I looked closer and saw that it was good for $50,000 – total shock, I could not believe it.”

Mr. Bowens considers the timing of his Amazing 8’s win a blessing.  “Being out of work is tough.  This will make life a little easier.  Most importantly, I’ll be able to give my wife and kids the Christmas they deserve.”  The lucky store with the fortune-saving staff is U-5 Foods, 3850 Smithville Road in Federalsburg.

  • Charles7393

    congrats hope i can win for my wife and kids

  • Charles7393

    congrats hope i can win for my wife and kids

  • Anonymous

    It was an act of GOD, not the clerk. The clerk was just the messenger. Congrats!