Cambridge Woman Takes Home $30,000 Cinema Cash Prize

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Wins Top Prize on Movie-Themed Scratch-Off

Lillian Pinder - Cinema CashLillian Pinder has played the Lottery for as long as she can remember.  She has also had a distaste for popcorn for an even longer time.  Pinder’s aversion to popcorn, though, didn’t prevent her from “ordering” three popcorn-themed Cinema Cash scratch-off tickets – and this order came with a $30,000 prize.

The 75-year-old mother-of-five, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her son, plays the Lottery every day and generally favors scratch-off tickets.  She’s won some smaller prizes before, but never a prize even close to this size.  “I did as I always do and scratched the tickets in the store,” Pinder said.  “As soon as I realized I’d won, I said ‘it’s about time!”

Pinder, a nursing assistant, plans to put the money toward repairs on her home and save the rest.  She will commemorate her big win by taking her family out for a celebratory dinner.  “I’m always with my family and wouldn’t celebrate any other way.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Short Stop, located at 911 Washington St. in Cambridge.

With 92 percent of the Cinema Cash scratch-off sold, one $30,000 top prize still remains.  Players can also enter a second-chance contest by mailing in two non-winning Cinema Cash tickets.  For details, visit

  • Yolanda

    Way to go grandma. I hope it’s genetic. Don’t forget to invite me to dinner.

    Love You

  • CONGRATULATIONS: M’S Pinder I’ve been playing the lottery for a very long time and I’ve hit big a couple of times but nothing to right home about but I’m not going to give up.I know my day is coming, again Congratulation on your win.PEACE &BLESSINGS

  • Jalisa

    Congratulations grandma Lilly. i love you and you deserve every bit of it! 🙂

  • Ms. Magic

    Congratulation! Bless you my sista, that means I might just be in line for the blessing next! Enjoy!

  • jaki

    congrats, I have won from MD state lottery & want to say thanks for the prizes!

  • Jim

    Thats exactly what I would say, if I ever win big like that. Its about Time. So far I have just been donating to the MD State Lottery. Just Hope it pays off one day soon.

  • Maria