Carroll County Couple Unlock Win on Money Vault Scratch-off

Monday, July 14th, 2014
William Cook - Money Vault_webBill and Gail Cook of Sykesville unlocked a $30,000 top prize win on a Money Vault Maryland Lottery scratch-off.

Claim $30,000 top prize on instant ticket

A happily married Carroll County couple who share everything from their one car to their Maryland Lottery scratch-offs are flying high these days.

Bill and Gail Cook of Sykesville just unlocked a $30,000 top prize win on the Lottery’s Money Vault scratch-off!

The native Marylanders play scratch-offs regularly, with one person scratching half of the ticket and the other finishing it off. They often share an instant ticket when Gail takes a break from her job as a claims analyst at Local Government Insurance Trust in Hanover to pick up Bill from his job at nearby Baltimore-Washington International Airport. The 56-year-old Lottery scratcher and Bonus Match 5 player is a customer service representative for Southwest Airlines.

“Right after his shift at the airport each day, we get to spend a lunch hour together,” Gail said. “If we have extra money, we stop to get a sandwich and a scratch-off.”

They then drive to Gail’s office, where she completes her shift. The couple, who will celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary in September, truly enjoy spending time together – even as rush-hour commuters!

Their workday routine changed dramatically on Friday, July 11, when the couple stopped during their lunch break at the Airport Shell at 1001 Aviation Boulevard. Bill wanted to cash in a winning ticket from the previous day and try their luck with a scratch-off.

“I wanted him to get a crossword scratch-off,” Gail said. When he came out with the $3 Money Vault ticket in hand, the 55-year-old remembers doubting they would unlock any prize. The ticket launched in April and no one had claimed any of the six $30,000 top prizes. “I said, ‘Bill, we’ll never win on this.’ ”

Was Gail ever wrong! When they matched one of the ticket’s lucky vault numbers, Gail initially thought they had won $50 or $100. Their excitement grew as they scratched off the entire amount to reveal the prize. “I said, ‘Bill! This is $30,000!’ ”

The happy duo drove to her office, where Gail asked for the afternoon off because they wanted to claim their prize right away at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The purchase of a new heat pump may consume part of their prize since Gail has already planned a vacation. She recently won a trip to Orlando! The two will pay bills with their prize, put some money in the bank and help some people anonymously. For selling the winning ticket, the retailer earns a bonus of $300.

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