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Cecil County Man Claims $250,000 Prize Just in the Nick of Time

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Imagine finding out you just missed the cut-off to claim a huge Lottery prize.  Luckily, an Elkton man will never know since he found his winning $250,000 second-tier Mega Millions ticket just days before the final claim date.  He claimed the winning ticket with just one day remaining.

The 52-year-old was preparing to pay his truck insurance on Friday when he happened upon the ticket.  “It’s up for renewal every six months,” the winner said. “I was putting the insurance papers in my console and that’s when I saw the Mega Millions ticket.” After finding his ticket, the lucky man remembered an article he saw about a big prize that hadn’t been claimed, but he just shrugged it off.  “I figured it had been claimed by now,” he said.

The winner confirmed the $250,000 win by checking the website and calling the Maryland Lottery claims center to find out if he calculated the 182 day claiming period correctly. “When I realized I won, I was speechless,” he told Lottery officials. “Then, the biggest smile came across my face.”

He’s keeping news of the win quiet. “My wife doesn’t even know yet. I may put a copy of the winning ticket in a Christmas card to see if she figures it out,” he said.

With his winnings, he plans to donate to a Christian charity, help family, invest and take a vacation. The winning ticket was purchased at a Royal Farm convenience store in Elkton.

  • Bertha

    Im so happy for the new winner, and god bless you. with this prize marry christmas and happy new year.