Chance Encounter Leads to $200,000 Powerball Win for Oxon Hill Man

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

A chance encounter at a local convenience store led to a $200,000 discovery by an Oxon Hill man. The retired father-of-four purchased his Powerball tickets on May 13 and put them into his Bible for safekeeping.

A little over a week later, he was at the store when he happened to overhear someone saying that a second-tier winning ticket was bought in Oxon Hill and the winner had yet to claim their prize.  That was when the man looked up at the Lottery screen, recognized his numbers and rushed home to search for his ticket.

“I keep all of my Lottery tickets in my Bible” the man explained.  “When I found the ticket, I couldn’t believe it.  My whole body felt numb and I started to pinch myself. I didn’t tell anyone, only my children.”

A big fan of Lottery play, the 54-year-old is particularly fond of Mega Millions and Powerball. “I use birthdays when I play, with some random numbers mixed in,” he said.

Although the winner does not have any immediate plans for his prize money, he wants to go on a relaxing vacation soon. “I can go anywhere I want to now,” he declared with a smile.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased at the Esquire Liquor Store, located at 6108 Oxon Hill Rd. in Oxon Hill.

  • Tamara

    Nothing but the Favor of God!…Be sure to Tithe :-)

  • Tajah Lior Baruk

    Congrats 2 your winning out there in P.G. county. I live in th cityof bmore n I can’t wait till I hit big big big.. real soon!

  • Marie

    Congrats to the winner! I am glad to see that someone in the Maryland, PG area can win big!!! Bless you!!!

  • thang cin

    Isiah 49:25

    • peggy

      Prayers have been said for you, and May GOD BLESS YOU.

  • william brogan

    im about to lose my home, with economy the way it is and being a single father of 3 its rough so i will buy a ticket this week and put it in my bible and hpoefully the lord will bless me with this gift to save my family disappointment and humiliation. so i will start praying if anyone reads this please say a prayer for me, thank you.

    • Marie

      Dear Sir with 3kids and loosing your home. Please go to online and or call. If you call it may take a while for them to pick up but do not get discourage. Stay on the line and read their site. They can help. I am not an employee or a sponsor in anyway. I know that they work.

    • peggy

      You Have Been Prayed for. GOD BLESS YOU

      • Michelle

        I will pray for you and your family, may God watch over you and just pray that God will lead you to where you need to be.

    • Margaret (Peggy)

      W. Brogan, You have been prayed for again by another PEGGY.  May God keep you safe.

  • Jade

    Congratulations. I too live in Oxon Hill so am happy to hear about a hometown win!!!

  • clara

    God is faithful,i pray its my turn next

  • http://marylandlottery Bea Woodard

    Congrats Im just waiting for my blessing, congrats & enjoy!!!!!!!!!