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Columbia Man Wins Second Big Scratch-off Prize

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Howard County man had previously won $100,000 before today’s $50,000 win

Aces HighA 60-year-old Columbia man, who goes by the name KC, spends his days paying it forward as a treatment counselor. Today, he received a different kind of payment when he claimed a $50,000 Aces High scratch-off top prize.

On Sunday evening, KC stopped at the gas station where he frequently buys scratch-offs. While in the store, he scratched his tickets and upon realizing he won the top prize, he showed the ticket to the clerk. “I’m definitely going to give them a big tip for selling me the ticket,” the generous man told Lottery officials.

This wasn’t his first visit to Lottery headquarters. Around four or five years ago, the KC claimed a $100,000 scratch-off top prize. “That win came right before the holidays, so I gave a lot of nice gifts that year.” The lucky winner, who has lived at the same house for 37 years, also used that prize to make some home renovations.

“The one thing I didn’t get was a new front door,” the winner, who has worked as a counselor for more than 20 years, said. “I’m getting that door this time!” He also plans on paying bills with his prize. The winning ticket was purchased at Lowest Price, located at 3900 Frederick Ave. in Baltimore. The Aces High game still has three $50,000 top-prizes remaining.

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