2011 $2 Million Logo Hunt – Winners Announced

Monday, January 31st, 2011


Update – Wednesday, March 23 at 2:45 pm
And the Logo Hunt winners are…

$250,000 – Monica Watts from Baltimore
$100,000 – Shirley Pittman from Silver Spring
$50,000 – Mike Higgins from Myersville

$1,000 Prize Winners

  • Anthony Jeter from Baltimore
  • Dianna Underwood from Welcome
  • Amy Hall from Landover
  • Paula Ades from Baltimore
  • Sam Compton from Shrewsbury, PA
  • Tyrone Brogden from Baltimore
  • Jerry Stowebreaker from Cumberland
  • Michael Blankenship from Frederick
  • Antoinette Gordon from Columbia
  • Edward Fox from Baltimore
  • Edward Jenkins, Jr. from Hyattsville
  • Gloria McDowell from Baltimore
  • Wilbur Gibbs, Jr. from Lonaconing
  • Delhi Thweatt, Jr. from Lutherville
  • Kenneth Williams from Capitol Heights
  • Jolanda Wimbush from Glen Burnie
  • Roxane Prettyman from Baltimore
  • Sabrena Fields from Landover
  • Allen Hauce from Baltimore
  • Stephen Ferranti from Perry Hall
  • James Smoaks from District Heights
  • Jennifer Thompson from Waldorf
  • Karen Smith from Baltimore
  • Michael Ivkovich from Baltimore
  • John Gardner from Columbia
  • Lindell Flanigan from Halethorpe
  • Lawrence Carpenter from Baltimore
  • Sherman Morgan from Owings Mills
  • William Stogsdill from Millersville
  • Norman Wilson, Sr. from Queenstown
  • Shaunta Jenkins from Baltimore
  • Benjamin Collins from Westover
  • Eloise Richburg from Baltimore
  • Robert James from New Carrollton
  • James Robinson from Rockville
  • Maynard Retz from Baltimore
  • Lamont Parker from Baltimore
  • Jerome Banks from Baltimore
  • Betty Weary from Largo
  • Robert Gale from Princess Anne
  • Cherise Martin from Baltimore
  • Velma Stanley from Baltimore
  • Gloria McNeil from Baltimore
  • Timothy Ealey, Sr. from Baltimore
  • Van Lee, Jr. from Eldersburg
  • Cheryl Cole from Brookeville
  • Christina Norman from Baltimore
  • Shane Dial from Dundalk
  • Mary Dickerson from Abell
  • Dorothy Flowers from Baltimore

$1,000 winners can either claim in person at the Baltimore claims center or by mail/fax. If you see your name on this list and have not spoken to a Lottery representative, please call 410-230-8800.

Win up to $250,000 – February 7th through March 13th


Play any Maryland Lottery terminal game (Pick 3, Pick 4, Bonus Match 5, Multi-Match, Mega Millions, Powerball, Keno and Racetrax) and look out for the WISHBONE, CIRCLE and STARBURST logo at the top of your ticket.

Collect all three logos, place your collection in an envelope (the envelope should be no larger than 4-1/2” by 9-1/2” in any direction) with your your name, address, phone and/or e-mail (phone and e-mail is encouraged, but not necessary).

Finally, mail your non-winning entries in by March 21st at 10AM to Maryland Lottery, P.O. Box 29944, Baltimore, MD 21230-0944 for a chance to win. Each entry/collection should be sent in a separate envelope to be included in the drawing.

GRAND PRIZE – $250,000

SECOND PRIZE – $100,000

THIRD PRIZE – $50,000

50 RUNNER-UPS – $1,000

The drawing will take place on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

Remember, all $2 Million Logo Hunt entries must follow the Official Rules.


In addition, look for instant $2, $5 and $10 FREE PLAYS when playing any lottery terminal game of $1 or more. Just listen for the terminal fanfare music and trailer message on the ticket you purchase. You can redeem your instant free play immediately or within 60 days of receiving the voucher.

  • Duka Achire

    What does it mean  that when it says send the unwinning ticket by March 21st at 10:00 Am. Does it mean any time, day before March 21st 10:00 AM. Thank you

  • Duka Achire

    What does it mean  that when it says send the unwinning ticket by March 21st at 10:00 Am. Does it mean any time, day before March 21st 10:00 AM. Thank you

  • Zeldalynewilliams

    what were the numbers for January 25, 2010 for multi match and how can i find this answer on the internet.

    • Anonymous

      Zeldalynewilliams: You can use our winning numbers archiveto find past winning numbers.

      Keep in mind that Multi-Match was previously drawing on Wednesday and Saturday and a drawing did not occur on 1/25/10.

  • Steve

    25 out of 50 winners were from Baltimore! 1 winner from Montgomery County (Rockville). What a RIP-OFF!!! So biased is the Lottery in Maryland.

  • Shay

    I live in Baltimore and I am hoping that my odds are just as good as anyone elses. It would really concern me if suddenly there were no winners in Baltimore. I have had faith in the Maryland lottery system and have played for years. I guess everyone feels that it should be “their” turn to win. I too hope to win one day.

  • ARE YOU SORE LOSERS CRAZY!? Baltimore City has the poorest people in Maryland! Thats why so many play the lottery, hoping to win big! I lived in Baltimore most of my life, I always said, “money goes to money” because thats what it seemed to me.”Rich people who don’t need the money always win”. “THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Poor people in Baltimore City never win the big prizes, Thank God someone from the city won a drawing. THE LOTTERY IS ALL ABOUT YOUR OWN LUCK. I hate the digital game KENO, because I think it’s controlled, but I play it everyday. Somedays I get pissed off, except the days I win, go figure.

  • i am prying that god bless me to with a big winning number so i an live confortable

  • ray

    Regarding the logo promotion, if the promotion was for 2.5 million in prizes, then why do the announced winners only add up to $450,000.00? Where did the rest of the money go?

    • mdlottery

      ray: The promotion was titled the $2 Million Logo Hunt because throughout the course of the promotion we gave away a combination of over $2 million in prizes and instant free play vouchers.