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Date Night Turns into $30,000 Keno Win

Monday, October 31st, 2011
Alphonso Griffin - Keno Bonus

Baltimore Man Wins $30,000 Playing Keno Bonus

Alphonso Griffin, Sr. was enjoying date night with his wife when she decided to try Keno for the very first time. To her delight, her inaugural Keno play yielded wins of $20, $15 and $1. Although Alphonso didn’t want to disrupt his spouse’s winning streak, he finally asked if he could have $8 of her winnings, so that he could play. Mr. Griffin was looking at the numbers on the screen for his first Keno game when the screen went out. “I think I might be a winner,” he said to himself. When the screen came back on he checked the numbers. To his surprise, he had won $30,000 on the first of four Keno Bonus games he purchased with the $8 his wife had given him. Alphonso said to his wife, “We’ve got to go.” He paid the tab and left.

As they drove home, Alphonso told his wife of 12 years that they were $30,000 richer. “Stop kidding,” she said. The 34-year-old winner told her he would show her when they got home that he had indeed won. When they arrived at home they went to mdlottery.com to verify that luck was on his side to the tune of $30,000. His wife’s response was simply, “Wow.”

The Code Enforcement Officer said he plans to use the winnings to pay bills. “This will put me on top,” he said with a smile. The winning ticket was purchased at Hazelwood Inn at 4937 Hazelwood Ave. in Baltimore.

  • hazel mckelvin

    way to go, mr. griffin, by the way your ticket was purchased at hazelwood inn, my first name is hazel, so i am hoping one day its a connection, ha ha , i am a firm beleiver, that my day is coming before 2011 is finish, maybe i will go to hazelwood inn, just for my name being hazel, what cha think, mr. griffin?  but anyway, i am blessed to be alive, my ship will come in one day. good luck, and keep playing.

  • Bubblybubbly913

    KUDOS…What A Blessng!

  • WOW…Good for him…I live around the corner from the Hazelwood Inn…I guess I will start playing numbers there…

  • WOW…Good for him…I live around the corner from the Hazelwood Inn…I guess I will start playing numbers there…

  • congrats!!!

  • Michaelcross40

    congrates thats whats up