Dream Turns Into Reality for $1 Million Scratch-off Winner

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Claims First “Black” Ticket Top Prize

A 50-year-old grocery store owner had a dream a few weeks ago, and he’s very happy it came true.  In the dream, the Glen Burnie resident said his mother, who passed away 16 years ago, was motioning for him to open a black box. When he opened it, the box was filled with gold. The next day, he stopped for snacks, for his son, on the way to church and picked up just one Black scratch-off. He put it in his back pocket and forgot about it until later that day, when he scratched it revealing the $1 million win.

“I didn’t know what to do,” said the winner. “But, I feel like I owe this to my mother.” He held on to the ticket for a couple of weeks before calling his good friend. “I think I need your help,” he told him.

The two of them showed up to Lottery Headquarters, today, to claim the prize. The winner, who is married with two sons, said he is keeping this win a secret, for now. “I want to surprise my wife with a new house,” he smiled. He said he’ll also use some of the winnings towards a family trip to Korea, his home country. The player is no stranger to incredible wins. Ten years ago, he played Pick 3 20 times using his wife’s new car tag number, and won $10,000.

The winning Black ticket was purchased at Dew Liquors, located at 2610 Harford Rd. in Baltimore City. This is the first $1 million top prize to be claimed on the Black scratch-off. Two top prizes are still available.

  • hazel mckelvin

    big ups for my peeps in the city, east b-more for life baby, i live in essex, via way of somerset projects baby, i am happy for my city peeps, for shining, congrats to you and fam, east-side for life baby

  • Robert

    I think you guys should have more Million Dollar Winners, maybe turn the Odds upside down where you get more chance of winning a Million dollars than you do for 2 dollars. Stop being so Greedy. The State can do this for one game. it won’t kill you and it will make many people happy

  • Congrats dude !! Enjoy !! My day is coming !!

  • Tony S

    Congratulations to you all. I’ve been playing for 25 yrs from New York to California to Maryland. Still nothing but I’ll keep trying…aways positive.

  • Yolanda

    I have to agree. All the big winners are usually in Baltimore. I wonder how these tickets are being distributed????

    Somebody have some explaining to do???

    • mdlottery

      Yolanda: Thanks for writing in. We get this comment a lot. People living in Baltimore believe all the winners are elsewhere and vice versa. Truth is the geographic locations of our winners are all random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our winners stories. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

      • Pam

        maybe so , but take a look at where the ticket was purchased,western shore of course. Some people from the eastern shore win ,but the ticket was still purchased on the western shore.

  • Tina

    Um this isn’t from Baltimore County.. the ticket was purchased in Baltimore City and the Winner lives in Anne Arundel County.. why do you think its Baltimore County?

  • Jim

    Maybe this win will help the people in Baltimore City, saying no one ever wins in the City. There are winning tickets all over the state. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. So far, I haven’t been able to do that.

  • josie

    My thoughts exactly Jay, the big winners always come from Baltimore, Baltimore County. When are we going to hear about a big winner from somewhere else? Congrats to the winner.

  • Jay B

    Here we go again with another top prize in Baltimore county…this is getting old! Congrats to the winner…

  • john

    Congratulations. God bless you buddy