Dundalk Man Takes Roulette Scratch-off for a Spin and Wins $30,000

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

A couple of Lottery scratch-offs turned a Dundalk man’s ordinary night shift into a night to remember. The 59-year-old was on his way to his sheet rock job when he stopped at his local Royal Farms to buy two Roulette instant tickets. He proceeded to work and upon his arrival, sat in the parking lot and scratched them.

He than spent the next 20 minutes debating whether he was actually a winner. “I checked that ticket over and over and over and over,” he said. “I was just puzzled, thinking, “Did I or didn’t I.’” He finally had to report to work, still uncertain about his good fortune.

“I told the guys I work with, ‘I believe I just won $30,000.”  Their reaction was equally skeptical since the winner had once misread one of his scratch-offs, thinking he had won 50 grand. This time around, everyone would be pleasantly surprised.

“I went out to my car at 4 a.m. to check the ticket again,” said the man. “Then I had someone else check it.” Ultimately, the ticket checked out and the happy winner will put his prize money away for retirement.

The winning Roulette scratch-off was purchased at Royal Farm #206, located at 18 Dundalk Ave. in Dundalk.

  • pat o’connor

    Hey, I just noticed that some of our MD state lottery scratch off tickets are printed in Canada.What’s up with that? Are there not enough printers in MD? Not enough printers in the USA? It is pretty sad that you are outsourcing this work to a foreign country. I will not play games that have “printed in Canada” on them and hope all that read this will do the same!!!

    • mdlottery

      pat: Pollard Banknote is our contracted instant ticket printer for Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. They have printing facilities in both the United States as well as in Canada. When the tickets are printed in Canada, we identify that on the ticket backs. Currently, when the tickets print in the USA, we do not identify where it is printed. At this point, the majority of the tickets are being printed in the USA.

  • im happy for this gentleman. i do hope he take a day spa and treat himself, ans do something nice for someone eles. some hoow i believe he will and secure his savings.

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations to you.