Eastern Shore Man Claims First Pick 3 Promotion Prize

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Wins $10,000 Prize

Thomas Harden Jr - Pick 3 Triple PlayThomas Harden Jr. walked into a Lottery retailer last week and walked out $10,000 richer. The Chestertown resident purchased a Pick 3 ticket the day before and with it he received a bonus coupon.

When Thomas stopped in the same retail location to purchase some more Lottery tickets, the clerk told him that there was a $10,000 bonus coupon that came from his store.  “When I saw the last two numbers of the winning coupon, I knew I had a coupon at home with those same numbers,” the lucky winner told officials.  “I called my girlfriend at the house to have her look for the ticket.”

Thomas works for a heating and air conditioning company.  On the side, he makes cheesecake. With his winnings, he’d like to buy chickens and start a chicken coop.  “The cost of eggs has gotten so expensive; I’d like to produce my own,” said Thomas, who will also pay bills with his winnings. The winning coupon was produced at Lewes Liquors in Chestertown.

Now through June 20th, players have additional chances to win with Pick 3. This promotion will randomly produce bonus coupons with 8-digit codes for players.  If the coupon’s last two digits match the last two digits of that evening’s Pick 3, the player will win $100.  If the last two digits do not match that evening’s Pick 3 drawing, the coupon number will be automatically entered into a weekly drawing.  For the first four weeks of the promotion, three coupon numbers will be drawn to win prizes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.  During the final week of the promotion, prizes will include a grand prize of $250,000. Players must save their coupons to present at the time of claiming.

  • Anonymous

    Saxshe: We are working on a search mechanism for box play. However, there is no timetable for its availability yet.

  • sweetee

    Congradulations! I have been playing the lottery for many years and I have not won no where  near $10,000, and as of today im done with the lottery so good luck to all who play’s. The lottery does not like me.   

  • sherry m

    what happens to the unclaimed prize on the pick 3 bonus coupon if know one claims it?

    • sherry m: If a Pick 3 Triple Play prize goes unclaimed, that money will go back to the unclaimed prize fund. Prizes in the unclaimed prize fund always go back to the players, usually through a second-chance contest.

  • John Hodges

    I like playing the Trump Card. Is it still available ? If so, what % has been sold and where can I purchase some. I live in Pasadena and can’t seem to find them anywhere.

    • John: We’re glad you enjoy the Trump Card. It is 55% sold, but isn’t currently in retailers. It will be re-launched on June 28 as part of a new exciting promotion we are planning. Stay tuned to Sn@pshots for more information on the promotion.