Elkton Winner Shocked by $250K Win

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Claimed second-tier Mega Millions prize

Last week, a 33-year-old Elkton woman stopped at a local gas station.  While inside, she asked the clerk which big Lottery jackpot game was taking place next.  After being told it was Mega Millions, she purchased $10 worth of tickets for Friday night’s drawing.  When she finally got around to checking the winning numbers on the Lottery’s website Sunday evening, she was stunned to learn that she was $250,000 richer.

“I shouted ‘get into the car,’ gathered up the kids and my mom, and drove to the store right away to check again,” she said.  The next day, the whole family came to Lottery Headquarters to claim the prize.  With the prize money, the winner would like to buy a house, pay her mother’s bills and save for cars for when her kids are old enough to drive.

The winning ticket was purchased at Elkton Shell, located at 298 Whitehall Rd. in Elkton.  The retailer will receive a $1,000 commission just for selling the winning second-tier ticket.

  • Mike Tomlinson

    CONGRATULATIONS, I remember talking to both of you in my livingroom and telling you that your luck would turn around !

  • please good give my more numpers like last monday….i win 1000.00 in pic4 and i loose 1600.00 on charles town casino

  • KK

    Congratulations to the winner in Elkton; We are happy for you and your family!!

  • spanky

    amazing how many people think God had something to do with someone matching random numbers drawn out of a machine. I would like to think God has better things to do. congrads to the winner, I hope the $ brings you joy.


  • Pamela

    Congratulations to you and your family. I must have passed you at times, while going to visit my mother in the nursing home. You never know where or when your blessing is coming from, but its always right on time. Keep your faith!

  • George

    congrats all praise due GOD I AM still waiting for my blessing so i can get my mother out of the nursing home she is in because she is dying slowly but sure and it hurts so much i am happy for you GOD bless and take care i have faith i will be blessed soon

  • Ginni

    Congrad…..I won also on the scratch crossword….I went to see my mom/dad and sister on Memorial Day they have all pass away….I was talking to them asking God for a financial blessing to fix up my home I just moved in …two days before I hit my other sister called me crying I went right over there to make sure she was ok…Got there and yes she was fine we just sat and talk and talk about our other siblings….went to work that Sunday, I don’t generally play any kind of numbers on Sunday but I did that Sunday I got a scratch cross word puzzle, I always buy these tickets and always tell the agent I don’t never win off these tickets…I always buy one every morning before going to work….the ticket I purchased on Sunday I did not scratch until I got home …sitting on my bed I scratch 1 word then another then another I was all over that board I knew it was big but wanted to make sure…so I took it to the lottery board in Bmore and yep it was a nice hit…..now I can get my fence and deck put up on my home….blessing can come in so many ways and this to me was my blessing…..Thanking God, My Mom, Dad and sister and My other Sister…blessing blessing …….Peace.

    • Congratulations on your winnings, and may god keep blessing you and your family.

  • Always thank God for this wonderful thing he has done in your life.Take care of your family.

  • John

    You deserve it.Thanks for taking care of mom, your days will be long on earth. Remain blessed

  • Connie Galloway

    Congratulations, I am very happy for you and your family. I am sure you deserve it and don’t forget to thank God for your blessing, He does watch over all of us. Enjoy and spend wisely.

  • christina


  • Liily


  • Congratts!!sure wished i was that lucy

  • Crystal

    Congrats ! Must be nice.

  • lady bug

    I am so happy for you take care for you mother and give god a blessing as well