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Fort Washington Father Wins $50,000 With Black Jack Scratch-off

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Black JackA Fort Washington man arrived at Lottery Headquarters this afternoon with a ticket that he hoped was a $50,000 winner.  He had looked at it, his wife had looked at it and one of his children had looked at it: they all agreed that it looked like he’d won big.  But the man, who is admittedly very conservative, wanted to have it confirmed at the Lottery before he believed it.

The husband and father-of-three, who works in the medical field, stopped to get gas yesterday morning and decided to use the $10 in cash in his pocket to buy a few scratch-off tickets.  After winning a small amount of money on the first tickets he bought, he purchased two more Black Jack $5 scratch-offs.  Seeing he won something on the second ticket, he expected it to be a nominal amount and handed it to the cashier.  “The scanner said ‘see Lottery’ and the cashier handed it back to me,” the winner said.  “The cashier told me that it was too big a prize to cash at the store.”  The man hurriedly scratched the rest of the ticket, saw that he had won $50,000, called his wife of 24 years and rushed home.

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Although his wife was unable to accompany him to Lottery Headquarters for the winning confirmation, the man e-mailed her a picture of him holding the oversized check with a huge grin on his face.  “Ok, now she’ll believe it,” he said.

The man, who was tremendously thankful for his win, plans to invest some of the money and use the rest for his kids’ education.  “Two kids in college isn’t cheap,” he said, “and this is going to provide a lot of relief.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the S. Potomac Shell station at 9100 Livingston Road in Fort Washington.

  • Enoprc

    I guess that I will have to drive to Baltimore to purchase some winning tickets.  It seems as though an enormous amount of
    people are winning from that area,and this has been the consensus  of quite of few of people.  How are those tickets allocated and who how do they get distributed in the various counties and districts.

  • cutty sark

    Friday April 27, 2012 – the first day of Stephen Martino’s third year as director of the Maryland Lottery. and possibly the most critical day of his entire professional life.
    This is the day he must use all the powers of his position and all of his training and natural abilities to halt the payment of the Mega Millions jackpot to the Three Amigos. If funds from the Maryland Lottery have already transferred into the personal accounts of the Three Amigos, then Martino must exert all of his efforts to obtaining a court-ordered hold on withdrawal or movement of those funds.
    That is because it is now clear that we have probably been fooled. All of us. The Mega Millions playing public and the Lottery director. The Three Amigos are almost certainly not who they passed themselves off to be. At this point, there are several unexplained issues with the story presented by the Amigos that raise sufficient doubt concerning the legality of their title to the March 30 Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket which they brought into Maryland Lottery headquarters on April 10 to claim the prize money.
    Lottery tickets are bearer instruments and possession is a strong indication of ownership, but it is not absolute. There is sufficient evidence that the winning ticket may have been obtained from the rightful owners through unlawful methods and tactics.
    Under these circumstances, it is the duty of the Lottery to hold payment of the funds until further investigation is made to determine rightful ownership of the ticket. If Maryland Lottery director Martino chooses to ignore evidence of unresolved title to the jackpot ticket and a future determination is made that unlawful methods were used to obtain possession from the rightful owner(s) – then Maryland Lottery could be found culpable of gross negligence of their duties and be held liable to pay damages of some portion or the total amount of the jackpot money to the rightful owners who werte victimized.
    We don’t know if theThree Amigos are the rightful owners or not, but we have reached the point at which the ethical standards and duties of the Lottery require holding payment temporarily for further investigation to be conducted.
    If the Three Amigos can pass a thorough and professional investigation then the funds can be released.
    Its Friday morning and its time to wake up and realize that the happy glow the Amigos gave us with their story looks like a rook. We know that we can’t just believe everything people tell us and we should be careful not to judge a person on title or position, but we fell for it anyway. We swooned over the Amigos. Now it looks as if we may have been had.
    And not just by the Amigos. If they have truly pulled a fast one on all of us, then its very likely they got help from inside the Lottery itself.
    The giveaway – the Amigos were caught by director Martino indulging in laughter about the situation of Mirlande Wilson.
     No truly gracious and decent jackpot winner would willingly participate in laughing about the plight of Mirlande Wilson and her co-workers at the Liberty Road mcDonald’s. 
    Those people underwent a level of anxiety, stress and ridicule that is not a laughing matter. More importantly – Mirlande Wilson and her co-workers were subjected to a week of chaos and derision as a direct result of the Amigos. The Amigos are ultimately responsible for allowing the situation to continue unabated for an entire week. At any time -they could have called Maryland Lottery to inform them that they were holders of the Mega Million jackpot ticket and would come in to the offices of MDL on a future day – but they did nothing of the sort.
     They only thought of themselves and their own plans and left Mirlande Wilson and her crew to twist in the wind. Public teachers or not, nice peope don’t sit there and do nothing and then come in for the money and laugh at the victims.
    Lottery director Martino took them at their word, but the only proof of anything they brought was the I.D. they needed to claim the payment. Everything else they told Martino about their careers and families and future plans can easily be a smooth talking con job.
    That must be considered – along with the incredible change in the story of  how the winning ticket was purchased. First the Amigos said they purchased sixty dollars of tickets from three separate locations and the winner was a single sale quickpick. That story inexplicably changed to saying all sixty dollars of tickets was bought at theLiberty Road 7/11 and the winner was on a 5 play Quikpick.
    The revised description brings the Three Amigos much closer to replicating the ticket purchase made by the pool of 15 employees from the McDonalds which was placed  in the office safe at the restaurant.
    At this point, maybe only the purchase time of 7:15 PM may be of significant difference – but that may not be the truthful purchase time of the winner and may indicate collusion from one or more individual employees of Maryland Lottery security.
    And the circumstances for collusion to occur may already hve been presnt without knowledge of the Lottery director.
    Stephen Martino has only been at the helm of MDL for two years and a day. Before that he lived and worked in Kansas  – far away from the Baltimore scene. So he may be completely unaware of prior relationships and interactions between a member(s) of his securiyt team and the owners or partners of the Liberty Road 7/11 and McDonalds.
    Very often, the Lottery has drawn employees who already spent years in a career of regional manager or route managers for a major vendor to 7/11 and/or Mcdonalds.
    The Lottery official may already have familiarity with the 7/11 owner/ partner or the McDonalds franchisee going back over years.
     Add that familiarity together with an invitation to commit fraud, larceny or conversion on a single thin slice of CA Lott paperstock and then share in a 218 milion jackpot and you are looking at a formula for people with good reputations to go very bad in a heartbeat.
    Maryland Lottery director Martino needs to start working the phones hard and now.
    Freeze those questionable jackpot funds, now!
     Martino can do it!
     He is a skilled attorney and litigator. He has worked alongside legislators and written gaming legislation.
    If he has too, he needs to ring  up Scalia or Alito or Souter or Sotomayor.
    Freeze that jackpot,  now!
    Then Martino needs to bring onboard a complete independent investigation team.
                    They will need to interview the 7/11 owner/partners/employees AND carefully review the store surveillance tape to see who actually  purchased the winning ticket.
    W can’t be sure yet, but this might be a case of larceny.
    The Three Amigos are starting to look more and more like the Three Banditos.