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Frederick Man Receives “Spectacular” Win

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Claim $1 Million Cash Spectacular Scratch-off Prize

Cash SpectacularAfter winning a $25 prize playing a $1 scratch-off, the 68-year-old Frederick man decided to reinvest his winnings and purchase a Cash Spectacular instant ticket. Lucky for him he did! He wound up scratching his way to the first of Cash Spectacular’s $1 million top prizes, leaving two $1 million prizes remaining on the ticket.

“I felt the ticket calling to me,” he said. “After buying it, I decided to scratch it right then and there. When I realized I’d won a million dollars, I knew I had to put my poker face on. I couldn’t chance anyone knowing how much the ticket was worth. It was a long walk to my car.”

He told Lottery officials that although he plays occasionally, he’s never won anything remotely close to this amount. “I just wish I could have won when my kids were younger,” he said. “I could have done more for them when they were growing up.”

The Frederick man, who has lived in Western Maryland all his life, said he still plans to help his kids by paying for some of his grandkids’ education. “This is certainly my way of helping them out now.”

The lucky winner purchased his winning ticket at Old Farm Liquors on Old Farm Rd. in Frederick. Players who win a top prize playing Cash Spectacular have an option of taking the cash or taking the annuity.

  • Linnea

    Congratulations, it’s truely a blessing to win such a large amount. My husband and I play every day,I hope that when we finally win a large amount, we are blessed just as you were.

  • Stephanie

    What a blessing. I like how he said he wished he could have hit when his kids were younger and that now he will help his kids with the grandkids. I’m happy for him. I’m happy for anybody who can get a break in these times we are living in. Hopefully he doesn’t do a whole lot of running around because a lot of that money will go in gas. Congratulations Sir.

  • Michelle L. C.

    Congratulations, Sir! 🙂

    I am an avid player of Cash Spectacular. I pray and hope that I am the next $1 Million top-prize winner!

  • maria