Gaithersburg Woman Claims Multi-Match Jackpot

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Caregiver Takes Home $750,000 Prize

A Montgomery County Multi-Match player’s loyalty was rewarded this week with a $750,000 jackpot win, the sixth top-prize win this year. The 31 year-old mother plays the game regularly and, while she’s won smaller amounts often, was not prepared for such a windfall.

“I still think I’m dreaming,” the jackpot winner told lottery officials. “I really cannot believe this is happening.”

She rarely checks each Multi-Match drawing’s results, choosing instead to scan her ticket when purchasing the next one. The game’s extended play option allows her to play for ten consecutive drawings.

“I was bored yesterday and decided to check Monday night’s numbers. I was stunned when I saw that all six numbers matched. I started crying, it’s just such a blessing.”

The Gaithersburg woman is looking forward to using her winnings for a down payment on a new home and an education fund for her son. She plans to stick to her Multi-Match schedule. “It’s been pretty good to me,” she joked. Her Maryland Lottery luck found her at Grove Beer & Wine, 16825 Crabbs Branch Way in Rockville.

  • Boris

    Congrats. I just want $10,000. All my problems will be solved.

  • Michael Cross

    Congrats young lady !!!!

  • dizy

    congrats! … i just wish i can win 50,000 dollars to pay my debt and finally get a car that runs.

  • norelec

    Yes enjoy that bread

  • lady bug

    I am happy for you congratulations enjoy your new home