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  • Purchase a 5 Card Cash ticket from any Maryland Lottery retailer for $2.
  • First, you can win instantly if you're dealt the right cards, up to $10,000.
  • If your 5 Card Cash ticket has a winning poker hand, you win instantly!
  • If you're a winner, you can cash in instantly and receive an exchange ticket for the Nightly Drawing, or hold on to your ticket until after the drawing occurs.
  • You can also win later if your cards match our Nightly Drawing. Top Prize $100,000.
  • Every night, we'll draw five cards. If your 5 Card Cash ticket matches at least two cards, you'll win!
  • This 5 Card Cash ticket mathed two cards from the Nightly Drawing for a win of $3.
  • Each 5 Card Cash ticket can win twice per day, instantly and the Nightly Drawing. Good luck!

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