Harford County Man Claims $50,890 Bonus Match 5 Prize

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Purchased his ticket from the Express Deli Mart in Edgewood

An Edgewood man is quietly celebrating a Bonus Match 5 win worth $50,890, thanks to one very lucky ticket. Each of the nine game boards on the ticket was a winner in the July 16 drawing, with prize amounts ranging from $15 to $50,000.

“I pick numbers that I haven’t seen pop out in a while,” he explained. “I was watching the results and knew the numbers sounded familiar.”

Sure enough, the numbers for the July 16 drawing matched those he selected several days earlier. The Harford County resident found his Lottery luck at the Express Deli Mart located at 625 Edgewood Road in Edgewood.

“I bought the ticket for four draws,” he said. “This happened on the last day of the ticket.”

The happy winner plans to continuing playing but probably won’t select the same numbers anytime soon, he said.

Still mulling over what to do with his win, the man told Lottery officials that he plays to pay off his bills before enjoying any frivolous spending. For selling the lucky ticket, the Express Deli Mart will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.

  • Stacy

    Sounds like he used a wheeling system.

  • D Baker

    Is the bonus match 5 game still running the “all taxes paid” on winning jackpots promotion?

    • mdlottery

      That promotion has ended, but keep an eye out for a new promotion!

  • lady bug

    congratulations I’ve been playing the same number for 4 years and my turn will come soon meanwhile enjoy your winnings

  • shirleythomas

    if a prize is 500.000 cash option 300,000 approx how much of the 300,000 would a person with no dependents get. thanks

    • mdlottery

      Hi Shirley,
      For prize payments over $5,000 taxes will be withheld as follows (assuming you are a Maryland resident):
      25% Federal Tax
      8.75% State Tax

      For a $300,000 prize, after taxes are withheld the amount would be approximately $198,750.

  • lady bug

    congratulations hope I will win soon