Hefty Appetite Leads to $100,000 Lottery Win [VIDEO]

Friday, March 9th, 2012


Wins Fast Cash Scratch-off Top Prize

Carl Braxton, a 2011 Eastern High School graduate, was going to buy something to eat when he caught a glimpse of the Fast Cash scratch-off, and decided to purchase two. The Washington, DC resident scratched the second ticket and discovered it was a winner, but, at that time, still did not realize the extent of his good fortune.

 “I saw $10,000 twice and thought I had won $20,000. I didn’t even finish scratching the rest of the ticket,” the lucky winner said in disbelief. “I called my mother and told her I’d won, then went to show her the ticket.”

His mother, Laurie, scratched off the rest and told her son, “Ten times ten is $100,000. You won $100,000.” They began yelling, “We won, we won,” and jumped around the house hugging each other as their dog joined in the celebration.

Once they settled down, Carl’s mother called her sister, Rolleen, her brother, Frankie, and her niece, Ashley, all of whom accompanied the 18-year-old to Lottery headquarters to claim his $100,000 prize. Although they all thought Laurie was pulling their legs, they soon discovered that the win was for real after gathering at Ashley’s house. Too excited to sleep, they stayed up all night playing cards.

Carl’s mother put the winning ticket in her bible, alongside a picture of his grandmother. Carl has memories of watching his grandmother, whom he was very close with, play the Lottery while he was growing up. With his winnings, he plans to pay bills, pay for college and help his mother. He also wants to buy a plaque in remembrance of his grandmother.

The winning ticket was purchased at Pincus Liquors, located at 3801 Bladensburg Rd. in Brentwood.

Carl Braxton - Fast Cash

Carl Braxton celebrates his $100,000 Fast Cash win with his family!

  • Anonymous

    Bwflack@verizon.net: You have to be 18 to play and cash. The claims department checks this information using a state issued ID. According to the claim, the winner is 18 and turns 19 on April 1.

  • Johngallier1979

    congrats my man, goodluck with your college and wherever life takes you!

  • luis

    excellent.I hope , THE LUCKY TO BE REAL  NOT DREAM.
    LUIS .

  • Nana

    Congratulations and as a grandmother of 3 boys (ages 16, 12, & 4), I know your grandmother would be very proud.  Continue to honor her memory by doing well in college.

  • Sandy

    Best story I have read all year..Good for you Carl!

  • Yvonne

    Congratulations – Make your momma and grandmother proud.

  • That was really nice!!! Can’t wait for my jumping up and down time to come!

  • That was really nice!!! Can’t wait for my jumping up and down time to come!

  • Anonymous

    Funniest winning story ever!!! Congratulations, now give me a five,lol!!