Holiday Scratch-Offs Tree [VIDEO]

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012


Tools Required: Stapler, Clear Tape, Scissors

Materials Required: 11″ x 14″ Poster Board, 60 $1 scratch-offs

Step 1

Layout as shown. Take corner A and roll into a cone with top opening 1/2″, bottom 4 1/2″ and height of cone 12″. Staple or tape cone to hold shape and cut bottom to level.

Holiday Christmas Tree - image 1

Step 2

Hold back of ticket facing you. Fold top left, then top right over left and staple together.

Holiday Christmas Tree - image 2

Step 3

Turn ticket over and staple to another ticket and repeat until 16 tickets form a circle in the middle.

Angle each ticket being staple to form a circle. Staple both ends together and slip onto cone, starting with bottom ring. Repeat steps with each ring.

Holiday Christmas Tree - image 3

Step 4

Roll last ticket into cone to form treetop. Glue top ticket cone on top to hold all rings in place.

Holiday Christmas Tree - image 4

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