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Hospital Visit Brightened by $40,000 Bingo Boxes Win

Friday, February 18th, 2011

West Baltimore Man Claims Top Prize on Scratch-Off

Charles Wilson has been going through troublesome times. His fiancé is in the hospital recovering from a stroke and he spends his days and nights by her bedside. It was during one of his hospital visits that Charles discovered he was $40,000 richer.

Early yesterday morning, the 61-year-old bagel-maker stopped at a local 7-11 to pick up a few scratch-offs and play a few numbers for his fiancé.  He purchased two $3 Bingo Boxes instant tickets.  It wasn’t until he was at the hospital that he decided to scratch them.  The first ticket was a non-winner.  He began to scratch the second but was interrupted when hospital staff arrived to move his fiancé to a different room. Charles went to his car while they were transferring her and decided to finish scratching his ticket.  “My jaw dropped to the floor,” said Charles. Charles hurried back to his fiancé and whispered the news to her. “You are lying!” was her response.

With his winnings, Charles plans to give his fiancé a ring upgrade. “It’s going to make her happy,” said the groom-to-be.  He also intends to pay on his car and treat himself to a new suit.  The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11 located at 2500 Liberty Heights Ave. in Baltimore.

  • Way to go Charles! may god continue to bless and your wife to be.

  • Frederick Hite

    Congrats on your big win Charles. I hope that your lady friend gets well very soon. Be good to you and her. God bless you both.

  • deltasweetiepi

    Good to see some of the big money winners come out in the City. Most of the big money winners seem to always come out in PG, Montgomery, Gaithersburg…Baltimore City and County are like the forsaken children. Kudos Charles

  • elaine

    congratulations on your recent lottery winnings. May you enjoy your winnings and please splurge on yourself. you deserve it. may your finance continue to get well

  • Donald Davis

    Good for you Charle, hope your to be wife is doing well my friend, enjoy the $40,000 Bro, take your lady out for a good meal after she gets out of the hospital, I feel great when I know there’s a winner that wins at a time like yourself brother, God Is Good All The Time.

  • Donald Davis

    I’ve been playing the Maryland Lottery for about 25yrs, and I’ve lost lots of money, if my wife knew how much money I’ve spent in the lottery she’ll leave me, I play every day the Pick 3 and Pick 4, I spend around $100 a day I’m hooked bad on the numbers I’m so deep into it until I can’t stop, I know I’ve purchase thru the years around $30,000 over the years, I did hit for $5,000 back in 1997 on Nov 23,I hit my main number 7238 st, please bring my number out again, I put in alot so it’s time to be rewarded,,,and also bring my 670 and 760 and 210 out soon..i like playing the numbers but I’m about to give up on it because it’s not fun No more because my numbers don’t never come anymore…PLEASE LET ME WIN SOMETIMES, I;ve given Maryland lots of my hard work earn money.

    • mdlottery

      Donald: Remembers that the Lottery is a game of chance (or luck). People can win the first time they play or can play for years with no wins at all. Please play responsibly. For more information regarding Responsible Play, please click here.

  • good things comes to good people so continue to be a good person.

  • bertie boxley

    congradulation charles and hope your lady gets well soon.