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HOT FIVE – August 2010 [VIDEO]

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, July 31.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our scratch-off page.


Platinum Rewards ($20) – 75% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain, 1 top prize drawing
Over 600 prizes of $500 to $50,000 remain

Diamonds & 7’s ($10) – 74% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 2 remain
7 $10,000 prizes remain

Hot Streak ($5) – 94% sold
Top Prize – $50,000; 1 remains
Over 50 prizes of $500 or more

Black Cherry Doubler ($2) – 59% sold
Top Prize – $10,000; 4 remain
Over 200 prizes of $500 or more

Cinema Cash ($3) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
8 $3,000 prizes remain
8 $1,000 prizes remain
2nd Chance Contest – Click Here


  • Kent

    How many PAY DAY BONUS #801 tickets have been produced for possible circulation? Are they all out in circulation or does some remain @ the Lottery warehouse?

    • Kent: We printed roughly 4 million tickets and the game is 60% sold.

  • J Robert

    Another question, I noticed that there were 3 $250,000 Livin Lucky winners left now there are two but I have not seen anything on the Press Releases. Does lottery always announce who the winners are?

    • J Robert: Typically for winners of $10,000 or more we’ll write a winner story. The first $250,000 Livin’ Lucky winner just came in about two weeks ago. You can read the story here. Good luck finding those other two!

  • mandy

    How do you change your address for livin lucky entries already submitted?

  • J Robert

    Lottery advertises the new Big Mega Ticket but it is not on the scratch prizes remaining come?

    • J Robert: Thanks for pointing that out. I have asked that Big Money Mega Play be added ASAP.

  • Brittany

    What scratch offs, of any price, have more than 98% sold? Also what percentage of Super Bonus Crossword have been sold?

    • Brittany:
      Super Bonus Crossword is 12% sold.

      Games over 98% include: Cashino, Big 8 Bingo, Cash Winfall, Red Hot 5’s, Money Surplus, Ruby Red 7’s, and Winner Weather.

  • Ozzie

    I noticed the last claim date for WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POKER (game #661) is 11/05/2010. I have not seen this game in 3-4 years. I really had fun with this game. Is there a chance your records might indicate where it was available when it hit its last activation date? I live in 20685 but don’t mind driving. Thanks

    • Ozzie: The final activation date (5/7/10) for our retailers has gone an passed. Unfortunately, once this date occurs the 182 day countdown towards the final claim date begins and we can no longer find the game in our system.

  • Kenneth

    What percentage of Platinum Rewards has been sold as of 8/25.


    • Linda: You can try the Marriottsville Crown at 9802 Liberty Road.

  • Maria

    I noticed that some of the million dollar prizes are offered in 20 payments or a cash option. I don’t see this on the Platinum rewards. Is this offered w/ the Platinum Rewards or is the prize one payment of 1million? Thanks.

    • Maria: Platinum Rewards has a one time cash payment, where as the other million dollar prizes on all other games including Raven Cash Fantasy will be paid with 20 equal annual payments unless the winner selects a cash payment option.

    • Maria: Platinum Rewards has a one time cash payment, where as the other million dollar prizes on all other games including Raven Cash Fantasy will be paid with 20 equal annual payments unless the winner selects a cash payment option.

  • rachel

    can u tell me where i might be able to find raise the stakes near 21207., 21217 and 21218

  • Pennsylvania Lottery page has a lot more information on it then Maryland for instance you can put in the numbers you play and find out if and when they have hit. When will maryland Lottery have something like that.

    • Linda: We are working on improvements to our website as we speak including some of the features that you are referring to. Please stay tuned for more details.

  • I am not talking about the scratch offs, I mean when someone does not turn in a winning ticket, you do not have a page of whee the ticket was purchased.

    • Linda: We do not have a page like this as the tickets are distributed randomly and we have no way of knowing where they were purchased. We can only provide players with what prizes remain.

  • Marko

    what percentage is hot streak sold now?


    has any oriole even come close to hitting the maryland lottery sign??

    • Chris: To date we are not aware if any Orioles home runs have come close to the sign. We are holding out hope that it does get hit before the season comes to an end. I do know that the sign was hit by a Blue Jays player earlier in the season. However the rules stipulate that the sign must be hit by an Orioles player.


  • mike221

    Are there any Big 8 Bingo scratch offs in the 21113 zip code area? Thanks.

    • Mike: All Big 8 Bingo books have been activated and are in retailers. This game has been marked as “sold out” in our system and we are no longer able to find book locations.

  • Natasha

    Please tell me the amount of tickets left for the games below. Please tell me quantity and not percentage:
    Raise the Stakes
    Big 8 Bingo
    Hot Streaks


    • Natasha:
      Due to the nature of our retailer network (over 4,000 state wide) we cannot provide players with this information very accurately. We could provide a figure one minute and the next it could be totally different. Because of this we error on the side of caution by only providing the percentage sold for scratch-off tickets.

      The games you mentioned have the following percentage sold:

      Cashino – 98.5%
      Raise the Stakes – 93.8%
      Big 8 Bingo – 99.3%
      Hot Streaks – 96.6%

  • ladycoins


    • ladycoins: The last activation date for this book occurred on May 7th. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate any books in our system.

  • I struggle with how you determined the last activation date. This is concerning as this appeared to be one of the hottest stratch off games in quite some time. I have driven countless miles and enjoyed doing it, purchasing many hundreds and hundreds of tickets. So my question is two-fold:
    1) what determines when you set the last activation date and why would the MD Lottery set a last activation date so quickly when there are what appears to be several large prizes remaining? Also, why is your system set up to “shut down” and not locate dealers with tickets remaining? I am in the data business and this does not sound like a very sophisticated system but something that should be easy rectified. Someone made a previous recommendation of just listing the remaining lottery retailers that had Big 8 Bingo. I didn’t understand what the challenge was as many of us, per this blog, did not appear to travel to the locations to find out if they did nor did not have tickets remaining. This would have made the process run more efficently if during the last few weeks prior to “last date activation” if the list would have been provided.
    2) My other question is the stratch offs that I believe are all losers however I do not feel comfortable giving a stack of 500+ to a retailer. Can I come to the MD Lottery office to scan each of the tickets myself to determine if I may have overlooked a winner? Though unlikely, I would hate to have missed one of the 3 remaining $40,000 and throw it out in the trash. I hope that the MD Lottery can accomadate you request. This would be a nice customer service option for those that are dedicated players but unfortunately at times do experience scratch off fatigue and the eyes & mind start to play tricks 🙂

    Thanks for your help. I look forward to still finding one of those 3 left

    • Andrew D:
      Before a final activation date is issued to all retailers there many factors looked at before a date is given. Inventory and tangible prizes remaining are the two most notable reasons. We try to be fiscally responsible to players to make sure that even though in some cases all top prizes are claimed that there still remains a good amount of high-tier prizes for a particular game. Inventory remaining is the most frequent reason a game would closed. On average every game that we sell has a sell through rate at 95% or above. A last activation date is given to retailers 30 days prior to the date to assure that retailers either activate the books they have or give them back to their Lottery field rep to move to another retailer.

      In regards to Big 8 Bingo, although there are still 3 top prizes of $40,000 that have yet to be claimed, we have completely sold out this game and since there are no tickets to sell we closed the game. Those three top prizes if not claimed after 182 days will go into the unclaimed prize fund that by law needs to be given back to the players in the form of additional prizes and promotions.

      Yes you can always bring your tickets to the lottery to be check, but each retailer has a customer display that would indicate to you the player as each ticket is processed if it was a winner.

      Thanks for your inquiry. We appreciate hearing from our plays.