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Saturday, July 30th, 2011


All prizes remaining as of Saturday, July 29, 2011.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our scratch-off page.

Cash 2 Go ($1) – 70% sold
Top Prize – $1,000; Seven remain
Plus, over 1,200 prizes of $50 or greater remain

Great Golden 8’s ($2) – 71% sold
Top Prize – $10,000; Two remain
Plus, over 1,300 prizes of $50 or greater remain

Prize Line Bingo ($3) – New Game
Top Prize – $40,000; Five remain
45 $1,000 prizes remain
This game also features a chance to win a FREE $2 Multi-Match play.

Amazing 8s ($5) – New Game
Top Prize – $50,000; Eight remain
Enter non-winning tickets into the Double Play contest now through September 6th.
You can win cash and great Orioles prizes.

Extreme Cash Blast ($20) – 92% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; One remains
One $50,000 and one $10,000 prize also remains

  • Nmycheleking

    What is the status of the Fantasy Fortune scratch off?  Thank you.

  • I know that the State works too hard to make their money on Lottery. I would much rather see a $1.Mil winner every week than the much larger jackpots. The lottery would benefit from making the pool of numbers and raising the pot to 1.Mil. – something closer to the Match 5, but with a bigger pot. Forgot all the out of state winners!!

  • brenda alesci


    • mdlottery

      brenda: At this time the only option to check a scratch-off is through the Lottery terminal.

  • oliver givens

    I would like to know when they change the the pick 3-4 lottery balls each month.

    • mdlottery

      oliver: Eight sets of balls are available for each drawing, ten balls per box numbered 0-9. We randomly select seven of the eight boxes in each drawing – three in Pick 3 and four in Pick 4. All eight sets of balls are changed on or about the 1st day of each month.

  • why is it so difficult for anyone in baltimore city to hit mega-millions or powerball?

    • mdlottery

      Kenneth: Mega Millions and Powerball are national games with players across multiple states. For better odds I would suggest trying our in-state jackpot game Multi-Match.

    • Scratch

      There hasn’t been a powerball winner in the state of maryland period!

  • j

    winning tickets are only in poor areas in the state that’s why so many winners are in baltimore….

    • mbeejay

      that statement is totally inaccurate because not all the winners are in Baltimore.If someone is poor I doubt they be wasting money on lottery. They would be buying food.

    • Only_Me

      That’s not a true statement at all. Most of the big Mega Million jackpot winners are out of state and in places like Brooklyn, NY, Utah or Kansas or North Carolina. If you are in the DC metropolitan area and you want to increase your chance try buying them in areas like Kensington, or Rockville.

  • teresa

    Since the web site has been changed I cannot access the scratch offs to see what is left on each of them How do I now do that?

    • mdlottery

      Teresa: You can find all of our scratch-off games and their prizes remaining here.

      • teresa

        still did not work still cannot find out what scratch off’s are left and what is left on them. I clicked on the button you said and still nothing. Now what

        • mdlottery

          teresa: Please contact us at 410-230-8800 and someone can help walk you through the process.

      • Annie1221

        I understand exactly what Teresa means.  The old way of viewing the scratch off’s was MUCH better than this new way.  It takes SOOOOOO long to use this new version.

  • Walter A.

    What is the percentage of tickets sold for Player’s Club scratch off tickets?

    • mdlottery

      Walter: Player’s Club is 50% sold.

  • MB

    I think I will go to Baltimore and buy some scratch off, and then come back home to southern Maryland.

    • j

      that your best bet… no winners in fortwashington md

  • shirley washington

    I agree you might win if you live close to and around the Balitmore area. I have been buying stratch off’s for years and the most that I have won is 500 one time about 4 years ago.


    i buy all my tickets @ walters liquor store & i haven’t won yet!

  • now what?

  • Robert Bigelow

    Who the heck wins at KENO? I wish I had a dollar for everytime I said I was going to quit playing! The odds in that game are all for the State! Those are not entry slips, they are Maryland Deposit Slips!

    • mdlottery

      Robert: You can check out our latest Keno winners here.

  • Husband and I have been buying $3.00 Roulette’s faithfully every day …….$10 is the highest we’ve seen…SIGH….

  • Linda

    To all those individuals, like myself, who have not won big yet,just remember that the state of Maryland is huge. And the number of non winning scratch offs is tremendous and every scratch off roll has a certain number of small winners, and few or no big winners. The best thing to do is check online periodically to see which scratch off tickets still has big winners out there and only buy those tickets. Otherwise you wasting your time and money.

  • Mary_Frank

    i love the scratch-offs – but wish i could find a place to buy some winners!!!

  • maybe some of the many lottery players know where to go to find winners, i have not been able to find any of these places.

    • Patrick Reese

      Yes anywhere in and close to baltimore Maryland is trying to keep all the money for there

      • mdlottery

        Patrick: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our winners stories. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

        • j

          mdlottery, you always use that same line the geographic are random .when can pg county md be included in the random theory.. ft. washington md (geographics)

  • just wish i could find some winners when i buy scratch-offs.

  • have been buying the 5’s but cannot even get a one dollar payback.

    • Scratch

      Try looking at the odds and buy them based on them…It works for me most of the time. It’s not a guarantee though because I haven’t been as lucky as of late…

  • clacy yvonne gilbert

    thank, I love scratch offs, I am the un-lucky one. so far that is, because I will keep trying.

    • J Robert

      I love scratch offs , too but remember, there are a lot more unlucky ones than there are lucky ones! I won $1000 once and felt like I hit a million!