HOT FIVE – July 2010 [VIDEO]

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, June 26.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our scratch-off prizes remaining page.


Extreme Cash Blast ($20) – 67% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 1 remains
Over 40 prizes of $1,000 or more

Fantasy Fortune ($10) – 65% sold
Top Prize – $100,000; 2 remain
Over 30 prizes of $1,000 or more remaining

Magnificent 7’s ($5) – 87% sold
Top Prize – $77,000; 1 remains
3$7,000 prizes remain

Rings of Cash ($3) – 85% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 3 remain
25 prizes of $500 or more

Year of the Ox ($2) – 80% sold
Top Prize – $9,000; 5 remaining
11 prizes of $900 remain

  • Sunny

    Percentage sold for the following tickets please.

    *Diamonds & 7’s
    *Cinema Cash
    *Blackout Bingo


    • Sunny: Here you go…

      Cashino – 97.2%
      Diamonds 7′s – 71.4%
      Cinema Cash – 65.8%
      Blackout Bingo – 99.2%

  • sherry

    any big 8 bingo tickets in 21623 area or close

  • Dorothy

    are any Bingo 8 tickets left in 20774- I don’t think I have seen thisarea before

  • Patrick C.

    Hi – Can you please tell me where I can find the Big 8 Bingo’s in/around the zip code of 21231 or 21701. Thank you!

    • Patrick:
      21701 – You can try East Street Amoco, Express Convenience, Sunrise Liquor and Village Mart Beer and Wine.
      21231 – You can try Bolton Hill Food Center, Downtown Tobacco, Hebon’s Cut Rate Liquors, Liberty Food Market, Manasa’s Hallmark, Hav-A-Snack, Mulberry Street Exxon, Newsmart and Orleans Texaco.

  • ladycoins


    • ladycoins:
      20748 – You can try 24 Express, Bloom #2705, Branch Avenue Liquors, Bryans Road Amoco/BP, Lee’s Market (Lee’s has 5 books), and Marlow Wing House.

  • dallas

    any big 8 bingo in the 21901 area if not where can i find them close by

    • Dallas:
      21901 – You can try Liberty Mart and State Line Liquors.

  • jerry

    Were can i get the big bucks party pack in maryland?
    which retailer still has them?

    • jerry: The final claim date has been schedule for Big Bucks Party Pack so we are no longer able to see locations in our system.

  • Lily

    What is the percentage sold for Livin’ Lucky? Thanks, again.

  • Lily

    Where can I find Big 8 Bingo in Odenton (21113) and/or Severn (21144)? Thank you!

    • Lily:
      21113 – You can try Lee’s Market and Lucky’s Superette.
      21144 – No books are available.

  • Natasha

    Will the remaining prizes scratch off page be updated today?

    • Natasha: Looks like the team members responsible for this are out. We will update ASAP.

      • ellis

        when are the 6 drawings for the livin lucky tickets and the time. thank you

  • Anne

    Any more Big 8 Bingo’s in the 21221 area or closeby? Rock A Billy’s said they were sold out.

  • Big 8 Bingo is creating quite a stir around town with big prizes left. I’ve written before and you answered so quickly that everyone else must have gotten to Rock A Billy’s to get the available tickets and they were sold out when I got there. Any other suggestions in the 21221 area that still has them available? 21220 or 21236 would be OK too. Thanks and good luck to all scratchers!

    • Annie:
      You can give the following a try:
      Chesaco Citgo
      RP Liquors
      Stemmers Run Shell
      The Necks Stop Convenience Store
      Food Lion – store #1413
      Chase Liquors
      BJ’s Wholesale Club.

      Some retailers may need to activate their book so we would encourage you to ask them to do so.

      • Steph

        Any Big 8 Bingo’s left in zip code 21157?

        • Steph:
          You can give High’s (store #23), MJ Mart and Thunderhead Bowl a try.


    I have did the math on the bingo big 8 if there is 52,480 winning tickets left, what is the approximately tickets total if you are saying 98.8% sold is that true, how can you count if all tickets havn’t been activated.

    • Stacie: We printed roughly 2.5 million Big 8 Bingo tickets. The percentage sold accounts for all tickets sold from retailers to players. Also, the prizes remaining includes winning tickets that may go unclaimed after the final claim date has come and gone. We won’t know that until that time.

  • Natasha

    What is the percentage solf for rings of cash and where can I find it in 20721,20910 and 20874?

    • Natasha:
      Rights of Cash is 91% sold.

      You can try the following locations:
      20721 – Express Mart at 15709 Hall Rd.
      20910 – Ertters at 521 Dale Dr.
      20874 – 7/11 at 19412 Walter Johnson Rd.

  • Rachel

    what is the percentage sold of silver bells and instant keno???

    • Rachel:
      Silver Bell Bucks is 80% sold.
      Instant Keno is 96% sold.

      • Kisha

        Where can I find silver bells in the 21216,21207,21215 area code? What are the top prizes left?

        • kisha: You can try 7 star convenience at 3201 W. North Avenue.

  • Vincent

    Where can I find Platinum Rewards in zip code 21114?

  • Rachel

    I have a question the store i bought the big 8 bingo from had a lot of them left saturday when i got them i went back today and there was a different person working but he said that they sold out of them months ago how can that be if i just got them from there, the store is called new greenmount market do you think u could look in to that and see if they have them

    • Rachel: I checked the report that was supplied to me last week and it does appear that a book is at New Greenmount Market and was activated on June 18. It may or may not be sold out at this point. I would encourage you to double check with the retailer.

  • john

    hey where can i find extreme cash blast 21703 besides 1000 west Patrick street!

  • Cee

    What percentage of Tripling Star Crossword scratch offs have been sold?

  • Maria Q


    What is the percentage sold of Platinum Rewards?