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HOT FIVE – November 2010 [VIDEO]

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, October 30.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our scratch-off page.


Platinum Rewards ($20) – 78% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain; 1 top prize drawing
3 $50,000 prizes remain
Over 70 prizes of $1,000 or more remain

Extreme Cash Blast ($20) – 80% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 1 remains
2 $50,000 prizes remain
Plus, over 200 prizes of $500 or more

Livin’ Lucky ($10) – 74% sold
Top Prize – $250,000; 2 remain
4 $10,000 prizes remain
Over 150 prizes of $500 or more remain
Don’t forget to enter your LUCKY CODE for a chance to win up to $10,000.
For more information visit,

X-treme Winnings ($3) – 66% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
12 $1,000 prizes remain
Plus, over 50 prizes of $500 or more remain

Blackout Bingo ($2) – 85% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
5 $10,000 prizes remain
Over 30 prizes $500 or more remain

  • Melody

    Where can i find Win it all and Black Cherry Doubler and Hot streak in or near the 21040 area code ?

    • Melody:
      Hot Streak is in final claim status and we can not locate where books remain.
      You can try 7-11 at 1020 Gateway Rd for Win It All and Black Cherry Doubler.


    I bought mega million scratch off and after rubing it off, I did notsee any number match anything but I saw the three letters down in the conerthat [net] SO I DID COLLECT MY TEN DOLLARS I am writing this to let you know there aremistakes

    • E WAGNER: First off congratulations! This is the first inquiry of its kind. Please feel free to contact the security division at 410-230-8800 if something like this pops up again. We will also monitor this situation closely.

  • Marilyn

    I am in need of holiday $$ but my 1023 just won’t hit. HELP!!!

    • Quahog

      The lottery can’t help you . Get a second job .

  • Can you tell me if there are any locations in the 21237, 21206, 21220, or 21236 zip codes that still have Big 8 Bingo?

    • Toya: Big 8 Bingo is sold out.

      • david

        how could big 8 bingo be sold out if there are 3 top prizes among many other smaller prizes listed on the scratch off page?

        • david: Big 8 Bingo is sold out. It is in the final claim period and we are awaiting the lucky winners who purchased those tickets to come forward.

  • Mary

    Can anyone tell me where to find Big 8 Bingo or 3D Jackpot around the area of 21666?
    Thank you

  • mbee

    WHat percent is raise the stakes and hot streak sold now thankyou.

  • Garry

    What percentage of Reese’s tickets remain and what types of winners remain?

  • Garry

    I live in the 21133 zipcode. Where can I find Blackout Bingo tickets?

  • Pat

    What is the percentage of Reesee Hit It Here and Boxed Bingo tickets sold?

  • Hopeful

    Hello! Can you find out if there are any remaining Raise the Stakes scratch-offs in the 21136 or 21784 areas? Thanks.

    • Hopeful: The final date to activate has occurred for Raise the Stakes, unfortunately we are unable to pin point where any books remain.

      • Angela Davis

        How can the final claim date for Raise the Stakes have occurred when the website clearly states . If this is the case I want MD lottery to gove me my money back. I would not have purchased tickets that could not be cashed in.
        721 – Raise The Stakes
        Price – $5.00
        Last Claim Date: 04/22/2011

        • Angela: My mistake. I got my terms confused. Raise the Stakes final activation date has occurred. It is now in final claim status with the final claim date being 4/22/2011.

          My apologies.

  • Cheryl

    I live in 21077-right around the corner from the hot topic item on the ballot today-the slots!! Is there anyplace within 100 miles of me that has Big Bucks Party Pack, 3D Jackpot or World Championship Poker? Yes, I really would travel that far! I have a permanent callous on my finger from ‘scratching’!!

    • Cheryl

      nevermind…that post was posted before the 11/5 last day to claim date so responding now, after that date, is not necessary!

    • Cheryl: Unfortunately they are sold out. The final activation date for these games was May 7, 2010. The final claim date was November 5, 2010.

      • Karyn

        I have a questions about final activation dates. I was playing Big Buck Party Packs like crazy. After the final activation, I went to get them (I can name at least 3 different locations) where I went back (sometimes the next day) and was told that a lottery agent picked up the remaining tickets because they were no longer allowed to sell them. I consider this a scam on the public. When you say a game is sold out, I no longer believe you. Books should be sold in their entirety and or there should be a specific location in each county for patrols to purchase these tickets. Please clarify this sore subject for me.

        • Karyn:
          Many things are factored into closing a instant ticket game. Prizes remaining is one factor, although we have sold tickets even though all top prizes have been claimed, we make sure there are still tangible prizes remaining. Inventory remaining is another factor in the decision to close a game, you can’t sell the game if there is no inventory.

          When a decision is made to close a game this is how it happens, Retailers are notified of the last activation date 30 days prior, once the last activation date passes customers have 182 days to cash in all winnings. Retailers may continue to sell the game up until the final claim date or could have the lottery pick up any partial books or full unopened books. The lottery strives to sell through each and every game, but as you can see other factors are involved that may not make this happen all the time. Across all games and price points we average about 97% sell through. Hope this helps.


    who won the reeses peanut butter cups trip to sarasota for the non winners of the fan of the game???

  • will

    i live in pa do i have a chanace and the 2nd chance livin lucky drawing

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  • Ed

    Hi, I know you would like to sell the rest of the remaining “HOT STREAK” scratch offs, & many of us would like a chance to win one of the remaining prizes ! Since it’s 99% or more sold, how about a post of were the remaining tickets could be found, or even zip codes of area’s they are in? It would be fun just trying to find that “needle in the hay stack !! Any Tickets on the Eastern Shore ??

    • Ed: Because we never know where inventory will be from day to day, we can not publish where scratch-off tickets are available. We can take “search” requests on a case-by-case basis. If you provide a specific zip code, I can try to give you an answer on where to find Hot Streak in your area.

  • Natasha Conn

    What is the percentage sold for jumbo cash doubler and players club?

    • Natasha: Jumbo Cash Doubler is 40% sold. Players Club is 32% sold.

  • Justin Che

    I will like to win any prize

  • steve rees

    the $20 scratch off that has TPD is a ripoff im not a loud person but i would rather not win insted of 4th spot says TPDyou cant even enjoy the $ that has been spent.Ilove playing scratchoffs at southdown liquors.avery pleasent place to spend a few min. and great people there.

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  • Ozzie

    Where can I find Extreme Cash Blast & X-treme winnings tix in 20685 & 20657 please? November’s HOT FIVE are far superior to the October picks. Thanks. Livin’ Lucky seems to be selling slowly. How many were printed originally? Where are they located here (20685 & 20657)?