HOT FIVE – November 2010 [VIDEO]

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

All prizes remaining as of Saturday, October 30.
For up to date prizes remaining information visit our scratch-off page.


Platinum Rewards ($20) – 78% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 2 instant remain; 1 top prize drawing
3 $50,000 prizes remain
Over 70 prizes of $1,000 or more remain

Extreme Cash Blast ($20) – 80% sold
Top Prize – $1,000,000; 1 remains
2 $50,000 prizes remain
Plus, over 200 prizes of $500 or more

Livin’ Lucky ($10) – 74% sold
Top Prize – $250,000; 2 remain
4 $10,000 prizes remain
Over 150 prizes of $500 or more remain
Don’t forget to enter your LUCKY CODE for a chance to win up to $10,000.
For more information visit,

X-treme Winnings ($3) – 66% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
12 $1,000 prizes remain
Plus, over 50 prizes of $500 or more remain

Blackout Bingo ($2) – 85% sold
Top Prize – $30,000; 2 remain
5 $10,000 prizes remain
Over 30 prizes $500 or more remain

  • james

    can you tell me where I can purchase big eight bingo tickets around where I live zip code 20850 rockville, or 21776 mt airy, thanks

    • Maryland Lottery

      james: Big 8 Bingo tickets are sold out.

  • PLD

    Where does one find the Platium Rewards in the 21234 area?

    • Maryland Lottery

      PLD: Try Parkville Conv. at 7501 Harford Rd.

  • Cheryl

    When you say that a certain game is, let’s say, 75% sold, does that mean 75% of the printed stock has been sold to the retailers and the lottery commission still has 25% of the printed tickets? or 75% of all printed tickets have been sold to consumers from retailers, meaning all stock is out at the retailers and the lottery commission has none left? My retailer showed me a printout of games he can still ‘buy’ and games that are only ‘cashable’ to him but he can’t get any more of-just trying to make sense of that. Also, I purchased 20 aces and dueces from one retailer and 2 of them were winners however, I tried to cash them in at a different retailer and his machine kept saying “not your pack” and would not let him cash them in…what is that all about? he said I have to go back to where I got them! One more question-I bought a $20 card (it so happened to have been the last one on that roll too) plus many others at a local retailer and when I got to my car, I noticed the security number on the $20 card was already scratched off-I went back inside and brought this to the attention of the late night clerk who was very quick to jump and said since I had left the store, there’s nothing I could do about it-she seemed a bit nervous-this is a new store-and she was very young and it was very late at night-of course the card was not a winner-I won’t buy there again but is there a security department that checks up on issues like that? Thanks!

    • Maryland Lottery

      Yes, when we give information out like 75% sold then that means that 75% of the ticket have been settled. The other 25% is in a combination of retail locations that have not yet been sold and also some could be still in our warehouse to be shipped to retailers.

      Your 20 ticket of Aces and Deuces sounds like retailer had not activated the book for sale yet. Retailers are instructed to activate the book prior to selling. You should be able to cash at any lottery retailer.

      The $20 ticket you purchased could have been tampered with if indeed your validation code was already scratched. I would be interested in the name of the location that you bought from, also I am also interested in the name of the location where you purchased the Aces and Deuces.

      We try to up hold the integrity of the lottery as best we can, but unfortunately when we have over 4,000 locations it is hard to control all situations. Please be aware we take any kind of incident very serious and will investigate if you supply the information.

      • Cheryl

        Do you want me to disclose those retailers here on public forum or email them to you or someone privately?

        • Maryland Lottery

          Cheryl: Feel free to reply to this forum and I will not make them public. You can also send an e-mail to

  • frank


    • Maryland Lottery

      frank: We apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll send a request to our web update to have it implemented ASAP.

  • janice

    what per centage of super bonus crossword has been sold? I use to win on the bonus but I haven’t seen a winner in months. I buy this scratch-off often and at different locations. Just wondering.

    • Maryland Lottery

      janice: Super Bonus Crossword is 43% sold.

  • Cheryl

    How can I find out which retailer carries the most variety of scratch offs? I stop at some places and they have 6 and some have 20+; also, which Greene Turtles carry Keno/Racetracks and scratchoffs? Thanks!

    • Maryland Lottery

      Cheryl: Please provide a zip code and I can give you a list of a few place that carry the most scratch-offs in your area.
      Keno and Racetrax is available at all Maryland Lottery retailers.

      • Cheryl

        Thanks! You are so attentive to our posts and I appreciate that-I live in the Arundel Mills/Severn area-21077/21076 or even Glen Burnie 21061/21060

        • Maryland Lottery

          Cheryl: Thank you!

          The largest scratch-off retailers in 21061 include:

          Chesapeake Liq. at 6720 Gov. Ritchie Hwy
          Quarterfield Liq at 7702 Quarterfield Rd.
          Doc’s F & B at 7067 B & A Blvd.
          Crabtowne at 1500 Crain Hwy SW
          Champion Liq at 7385 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.
          Fort Meade Shell at 2631 Old Annapolis Rd.

  • Steph

    Can you tell where the following scratch-offs are in 21157 zip code?
    Raise Stakes, Hot Streak, Reeses, Blackout Bingo, Red Hot Blue 7s.

    • Maryland Lottery

      Steph: Try Country Liq. at 531 Jermor Lane.

  • Jim

    Where can I get Hot Streak, Raise the Stakes , and red hot and blue in 21113

    • Maryland Lottery

      Jim: Hot Streak and Raise the Stakes are in final claim status and we are unable to determine if books are still available.
      You can try Tom’s Liq. at 1592 Annapolis Rd for Red Hot and Blue.

  • heather

    What is the percentage sold for Set 4 life 2?

    • Maryland Lottery

      heather: Set 4 Life is 95% sold.

  • Just A Chance

    Scratch-off’s: Is there anyway you could post weekly updates on the percentage sold, per scratch-off?

    • Maryland Lottery

      Just A Chance: We are in the process of making improvements to our website. Please look out for these updates in the very near future.

  • Pat

    Where can I find Extreme Cash Blast in the 21236 zipcode? Thanks.

    • Maryland Lottery

      Pat: Try A & M Conv. at 7400 Belair Road.

  • Karen

    Where can I find the Turkey Day scratcher. Thanks!

    • Maryland Lottery

      Karen: Please provide a specific zip code and we’ll be happy to look that up for you.

      • Karen

        Anywhere in the 20770, 20716 or 20912 area. Thanks!

        • Maryland Lottery

          Karen: What games are you looking for?

  • jason l

    hey i wanted to know where hot spot is for black out bingo my zip 21040 md
    and (cash to go

    • Maryland Lottery

      jason l: Try the Edgewood Amoco at 2201 Pulaski Hwy.

  • Charlie

    Are any Platinum Rewards left for sale in 21047, 21014, or 21015 zipcodes?
    I have been looking everywhere! Thanks!

    • Maryland Lottery

      Charlie: Try the Fallston BP at 1515 Belair Red.

  • SherylsKitchen

    % of Black Cherry Doubler has sold? Also, where can I buy the ticket in area codes 20853, 20892, and 20906. Thanks

    • Maryland Lottery

      SherylsKitchen: You can try Aspen Hill LBW at 13745 Connecticut Ave. The game is 95% sold.


    I mailed in a 2nd chance ticket, my quest…how long does it normally take to respond back ?

    • Maryland Lottery

      BIG JER: You will be contacted in the event that you are a winner.

  • mbee

    What number on a roll does a big winner usually hit. Can a big winner be anyhwhere on the roll if is even in that roll. thanks. Im gonna keep playing hopefully I can win. I have 2 tpd cards i havent sent in yet. I also had one more lucky that I lost but it seems as if ill never win that any way.

    • Maryland Lottery

      mbee: Winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout an entire game. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur.

      • mbee

        Your answer wasnt clear. So you are saying that a big winner can be anywhere on roll.

        • Maryland Lottery

          mbee: Yes, they can occur anywhere throughout the roll.

  • sirwhite

    where can i find raise the stakes near 21853

    • Maryland Lottery

      sirwhite: Raise the Stakes’ final activation date has occurred. We can not accurately pinpoint where these games are as it is now in final claim status.

  • Natasha Conn

    what is the percentage sold for Money, Money, Money, Casino Royal and Winter Riches?

    • Maryland Lottery

      Natasha: Here you go.
      Money Money Money – 80%
      Casino Royale – 71%
      Winter Riches – 19%

  • J Robert

    % Red Hot and Blue 7’s

    • Maryland Lottery

      J Robert: Red Hot and Blue is 94% sold.