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Laurel Man’s Date Night Ends with a $50,000 Win [VIDEO]

Friday, May 3rd, 2013


Faithful Lottery player takes home $50,000

Rodney Harris, a retired military man from Laurel, has always been rather lucky when it came to playing the Lottery. So lucky in fact, that he confidently told his boss when he was hired a year ago that he would need a day off to collect a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top-prize. Sure enough, a little over a year later, the 46-year-old had the chance to inform his boss that he needed the time off to claim his winnings.

Rodney and his wife Monica were having a date night at Red Lobster when he decided to check that evening’s winning numbers. Monica thought there was something incredibly wrong when she saw her husband jump out of his seat. “I really thought he was having a heart attack,” she laughed. “He just jumped up and fell to the floor so quickly!”

After recovering from the shock, Rodney explained that they had won the Bonus Match 5 top prize. “Once things settled down, I called my brother and then my boss,” the Laurel man told Lottery officials. Rodney told his boss that he was going to need that day off that they talked about last year when he was hired. “He couldn’t believe it.”

For now the couple, who has been married for five years, plans to pay a few bills, help Rodney’s brother and go on a few trips. “I had the chance to travel a lot when I was in the military, but I’d love to take some trips with Monica – Wherever she wants to go!” he said before turning to his wife for a kiss. The couple is currently looking into a trip to Canada. The winning ticket was bought at Rodney’s favorite store, Xtra Mart Fuel at 3497 Fort Meade Rd in Laurel.

Rodney Harris - Bonus Match 5

Rodney Harris and his wife Monica claim their $50,000 prize.

  • mikesherie@yahoo.com

    just meet him today great guy.

  • missy

    Congratulations to u and ur wife on your win. Enjoy and have a fun vacation.

  • missy

    Congrats to u and ur wife. Enjoy ur new wealth. .I don’t know u but im happy for u. Im just waiting patiently for my day cause I feel its coming soon. Im a faithful player also and I’ve won pick 4 straight several times now im just waiting on my bonus match 5 balls to pop up. Keep playing and enjoy ur trip. .