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Thursday, April 21st, 2011

TLC’s How the Lottery Changed My Life is gearing up for it’s fourth season of Lottery winners and amazing stories of how a winning moment led to a life-changing jackpot prize. We’ve had several players profiled during the last two seasons of the show and now we’re asking our Lottery players for suggestions. If you or someone you know has won a life-changing Maryland Lottery jackpot, you could one of the Maryland winners featured on this season of the show!

TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life


Nothing turns a life completely on its head like winning the lottery. It’s something that every person dreams about and you are one of the very special few who have been fortunate enough to have it become a reality. We want to share your truly unique and amazing story with everyone who has ever had “a dollar and a dream.”

TLC is now casting for the fourth season of the inspiring non-fiction series “How the Lottery Changed My Life.”

We are looking for individuals, families, friends and co-workers; anyone and everyone who has ever struck it rich with a few lucky numbers.  We want to hear how your life changed, or didn’t, and how you are spending, saving, or multiplying your unexpected fortune.  This is your chance to share your extraordinary experience with the world, and prove that the American Dream can come true.

Contact the Maryland Lottery at for casting details.

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