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Livin’ Lucky 2nd Chance Winners

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

UPDATE: The $100,000 winner will be announced as soon as they are contacted and the winning Lucky Code is verified.

Every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 worth Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs! The latest winners are:

Drawing Date: 6/9/11
0747FE23 – Tracy Hall from Conowingo
BA304BB3 – Sean Athey from Gaithersburg
5CF96A7E – Stephanie Muir from Baltimore
DC200DB3 – Mary Commodore from Port Republic
7F98474B – Thomas Sigler from Sharpsburg
2C118E5A – Madeline Timberlake from Temple Hills

Drawing Date: 6/28/11
CFD26F82 – Tom Lentz from Perry Hall
923ec286 – Joseph Duff from Colora
E724600C – Mike Howe from Mechanicsville
7874be2e – Thang Ba Nguyen from Silver Spring
5C9C3B48 – Robin Dixon from Salisbury
DCFB4B19 – Jane Crusse from Baltimore

Drawing Date: 7/7/11
AD811284 – Willie Mobley from Colmar Manor
44C587BE – Michael Miller from Baltimore
07A115A5 – Jeanne Hardy from Greenbelt
6E73D26D – Jeong Chang from Glen Burnie
0651C875 – Ronald McDorman from Baltimore
0713FE7B – Linda Davis from Glen Burnie

Drawing Date: 7/21/11
FF10892B – Bessie Brown from Frederick
582B5B85 – Sharon Thomas from Upper Marlboro
FD5E2BC8 – Richard Hahn from Edgewater
32C6BB77 – Karen Smith from Prince Frederick
CF4BEEAA – Felicia Overton from Takoma Park
00BAF45D – Angela Morrison from Glen Burnie

Drawing Date: 8/4/11
2F27E34F – Sally Baker from Edgewood
1DC5EEC9 – Frank Liszt from Baltimore
8B7D07B0 – Ronald Forbes from Bel Air
C369A3A7 – Ray Garville from Severna Park
F32B8CEB – Arash Khanlarbig from Potomac
1E880AB0 – Sharon Norton from Silver Spring

Drawing Date: 8/8/11
251CC9ED – Gloria Strong from Essex
031D4601 – Tina Jones from Boonsboro
8654EE33 – Kenneth Loukinen from Faulkner
B054354A – Patricia Rosenberger from Westminster
9CB64B13 – David Finck from Severn
76B848DB – Karen Sellman from Annapolis

NAMES and CODES of winners for the $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky tickets for drawings that have occurred within the past 60 days are shown above. Winners of the $10,000 drawings will be published once their entry has been validated.

The Lottery will continue to contact winners throughout the drawing process through the phone number and e-mail address provided by each entrant.  However, if you find that you have a winning code and have not been contacted to claim your prize, please contact the Lottery at (410) 230-8800 to confirm.

Please remember, the rules have not changed and you MUST keep the perforated section of your scratch-off which contains the lucky code.  If you are chosen as a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize.

  • Chon

    What if the grand prize winner does not validate their code, will another code be selected after the 60 days?

    • Anonymous

      Chon: Yes, we will select an alternate.

  • hopeful

    do you leave messages for winners to contact the lottery office because many people don’t answer numbers that are not recognizable.

    • Anonymous

      hopeful: Yes we do.

  • Anonymous

    Do you contact by email or cell phone, or both?  I don’t answer 800 or 888 numbers calling my cell phone because of all the solicitors, but I know I had to win something because I entered over 500 codes from tickets I purchased – sure didn’t win much from the tickets either.

    • K. Wise

      Man i enetered over 2 thousand and aint win #&*$…. never buying a scratch off again

      • ARTIE1023

        me too  i entered alot and ain’t  won anything.

  • Anonymous

    Bethanylehman: At this time we are validating the winning ticket. Per the game rules, the winner has 60 days to do so. We’ll announce the winner as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

    KEApalou: We are working on validating the entry. We cannot announce the winner until that occurs. Hopefully it is soon as a lot of people are interested in who the winner is.

    • RedMach77

      I have a feeling the winner can’t find their winning stub !!!!  I still have mine and I’m waiting for you to pick my numbers and to call me.

  • Bethanylehman

    Has someone won the final drawing?

  • KEAkpalou

    When will the grand finale winners be annouced from August 8th?

  • Mark

    If individuals selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs do not come forward with there stub are there going to be alternates selected?

    • Mark: No, alternates are not selected for the Livin’ Lucky scratch-off prizes, only for the cash prizes associated with Livin’ Lucky.

  • Kathi

    I can say I have been one of the lucky ones, who play the Lottery!! I have been to Lottery Headquarters 4 times over ten years.. I won 5 thousand twice on 4 digit numbers and then the BIG ONE, was 100 thousand dollars on a 10 dollar scratch off, that was amazing!! And then last year thru the Livin Lucky Promotion I won tickets to an Orioles Game by entering my codes. I had a blast at the ballgame, It was the first time seeing the Orioles, and they WON!!!!
    So stay positive and your luck could change!!
    Best of Luck to all the Lottery Players!! 🙂

  • Kboy

    When is the last date that you will pick the six winners for the $300 worth of Livin Lucky Scratch offs? And how many of the $250,000 prizes are still out there? I am hoping you are going to pick my name soon.

    • Kboy: There are still three $250K prizes. There is no final drawing date at this time for this promotion. The drawings will continue as long as the ticket is out there. With the ticket only being 64% sold, it will probably be out there for a while.

  • Bob

    If I win something ,will the lottery officals send a letter or e mail if I can’t be reached by phone

    • Bob:
      Yes, we will contact you through the contact information provided. You can also look to see if your name is published here.

  • Tanisha

    Is there a 10 k winner form the last draw ? And if so who ? Or are you all able to disclose that info . If they dont want it i sure as the sun is shining would take it in a heart beat . I could think of 10 thousand things to do with that cash . I havent won yet but “IT AINT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS”and you could hear a pin drop around here lol !

  • Paul

    I have complained on here before and the bottom line is you gotta play to win and be in the right place at the right time. everybody wants to win the big one, including me. However I can’t complain mdlottery and delottery has been good to me over the years and sometimes they get thier money back.. so suck it up and keep playing…

  • Chris Edgerton

    Dear Lottery

    Is it possible to create a log of your submitted,
    ticket stubs. That was a nice feature with the
    RAVENS promotion.

    • Chris: This feature is not included in the Livin’ Lucky website. We’ll keep this in mind for future promotions though as it seems user accounts have been well received. Thanks for the note Chris.


    If you win once, is there any chance of you winning again if you continue to summit your lucky codes.

    • NETTA: Yes. There are no restrictions as to how many times you can win the $300 worth of scratch-offs. But, you may only win a cash prize from the Internet Promotion one time – the $10,000 prize (every time 10% of the ticket is sold) and $100,000 grand prize.

  • joe jenkins

    I been playing for years and I never win nothing, Im getting tired of playing wishing they take it away sometimes, why cant I win everyone has luck I guess?

  • chon

    I guess I will not be getting a response from my post I left a few days ago, it’s ok I will go to twitter, because I know you all are scamming people thats why you can’t respond, this promotion is a joke, I copied my origional post, you received it once I hope I don’t have to keep posting it, and again not get a response.

    • chon: We appreciate hearing from you and all of our players. I recall hearing from you on several occasions. If I missed responding to one, I apologize. We try to get back to everyone in as timely a manner as possible. Sometimes our schedules and the pure volume of inquiries makes it tough.

      Please feel free to follow us on Twitter. We have some really fun an interesting things planned. Good luck in the future.

  • George

    Dear Maryland Lottery..Please consider a Racetrax/Pack as in your Keno to go. I have a feeling at $.25 a game and up to a 200 game draw our state would make more money and also a few lucky horse players will hit there number once in a while. Big G Waldorf, Maryland

  • George

    Hi, I remember a friend that won a Bonus second chance prize but she wasn’t notified..Do you notify people that win second chance drawings..I have over 140 Lucky Code tickets and so far none has been pulled. I am just wondering if I do win will you notify me.. Big G. Waldorf Maryland

    • George: Our public affairs department always contacts winners through the contact information provided by the players. They follow internal protocol to inform players by phone, as well as follow up by e-mail and “snail” mail to contact second chance drawings winners. If you’re name is drawn for Livin’ Lucky I can guarantee you will be contact one way or another. Also, recently we have begun to publish more information in regards to second chance contests so players can see who the winners are and contact us as well. But please keep in mind that we will always contact winners with the information provided by each player.

  • we might not be as populated in Western Md but there are a lot of tickets sold, I purchased 50 dollars worth of scratchoffs yesterday and did not even get 5 bucks payback, I know that is gambling but ther should be something back once in awhile, the 5 dollar bingo is really bad if you scratch the little box in the left in a row you know ther will be no payback at all. so I have decided it is time to quit.

    • charlotte: Sorry you are frustrated. If you have time, check out our HOT FIVE each month. These tickets include tickets with low inventory and great prizes remaining.