Due to the holiday, The Maryland Lottery offices and Claim Centers will be closed on Monday, February 20th and will reopen Tuesday, February 21st.

Livin' Lucky Winners

Monday, December 21st, 2009



Every two weeks, six winners are selected to receive $300 Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs each!  And, every time an additional 10% of the Livin’ Lucky scratch-off is sold, a drawing will be held for one winner to receive $10,000. At the end of the promotion (after the final claim date has been announced for the scratch-off) a grand prize of $100,000 will be given to one winner.

Remember, you MUST keep the perforated section which contains the lucky code.  If chosen as a winner, you will need to present that in order to claim your prize.  Winners can only claim their Livin’ Lucky prizes with the perforated section.

Livin’ Lucky Winners (who have claimed)

$300 Worth of Livin’ Lucky Tickets
James Thompson from Laurel
Daniel Barner from Indian Head
Godfrey Apugo from Randallstown
Dale Hare from Frederick
Vickie Davis from Columbia
Tracy Bishop from Randallstown
Peter Pham from Silver Spring
Mawuena Raven from Germantown
June Morfe from Towson
Rosemary Frank from Millersville
George Stanton from Port Deposit
Douglas Walker from Waldorf

$10,000 Cash Prize Winners
Peggy Martin from Mechanicsville
Kenneth Hober from Lusby
Jerome Fennoy from Holbrook


  • Eugene Wagner

    what ever happen to DEAL OR NODEAL second chance, to go to LA,CALFI. TO BE on TV?

    • Eugene: The winners of the trip to Hollywood were selected in March 2009. The DOND TV show with the Lottery winners aired last July. The cash prize winners drawing was conducted in September 2009.

  • Eugene Wagner

    About this GOLD SILVER BRONZE contest,will the drawing be on TV like the LOTTERY said,if so what station date and time?

    • Eugene: The Medal Madness drawing will not be televised. We will announce the winners within the blog. We will also contact each winner directly, but it may take a few days to get to all 100 $1,000 winners. The three big winners will definitely be notified the day of the drawing.

  • W. Duncan

    I’m still hopeful to win a 2nd chance drawing. My mom will be celebrating her 70th B-Day in June and I would like to be able to do something very nice for her. She truly deserves it. I love her so much. She deserves best. 🙂

  • Kendra

    How are the tickets drawn? Are they televised, does a person stick thier hand in a bowl and drawn out a ticket, etc….?

    If I was a winner, wishful thinking, how would you notify me? How much time would I have to respond to my winning ticket?

    Thank You,

    • Kendra: Livin’ Lucky winners are drawn using a random number generator. They are not televised. We notify all winners by phone and/or e-mail. However, we have adjusted the promotion to meet consumer demand. You can now simply look for your name at our new blog entry. The entry will be updated after each drawing so you can bookmark it to check for updates.

  • diggy

    what happen to the drawing for jan 21 living lucky(10,000) you said check codes but there is no winner and now you have the drawing for feb 16 what happen to the winner for jan 21 why was jan 21 skipped

    • diggy: The last $10K drawing was in November. We just surpassed the 50% sold mark so the $10K drawing was held February 16. We are in the process of verifying the winner. You can verify your codes with those that have been drawn here.

  • Ruth Megary

    I am so hopeful to win. Luck hasn’t been with me here of late. Love you contest!

  • diggy

    thank you for your responce.

  • chon

    I feel that I was misled as to how the outcome of The Ravens Cash Fantasy winner was announced, you all stated that the drawing would be live but it wasn’t the winners name was announced but the drawing was not televised

    • chon: We sincerely apologize for any confusion we caused you. We did not intend to mislead anyone. The season tickets for life drawing occurred shortly after the drawing deadline on Monday, February 8th at Noon. The clip we ran was a creative way for us to announce the winner for the first time to the public.

  • diggy

    i have over 800 tickets to check i understand the people wanting the the codes to be shown but for the people with a lot of codes its a task i asked before and never got a response but how about putting the name beside code for the people with more than 10 codes to check.

    • diggy: We are working on a solution to this issue that consumers have. Please stay tuned, as we’ll try to rectify the issue in the coming week.

  • MDL

    I ask about the Mega Buck s second chance drawing and you said someone from Montgomery County won it. I just read were someone name James enquired about the Mega Bucks second chance contest and you said someone from Prince Georges County won it. I hope the Md. Lottery is being truthful to all of there players. It would be very disappointing to find out that the Md. Lottery is not doing the things they say they are doing. I spend a great deal of money on ten and twenty dollar scratches. Even if I never win a contest, as long as someone wins I’m okay. Stay true to your customers.

    • MDL: Our apologies. Human error. The winner was in fact from Montgomery County.