Lottery Retailer Helps Customer Reveal Bigger Win

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

$10,000 Bingo Times 10 Win Really is $50,000

Bingo Times TenBingo scratch-offs are very popular with many Lottery players because they usually take a lot of time to play.  That’s why a 70-year-old player from Montgomery Village recently chose the Bingo Times 10 ticket.  After revealing a $50,000 win on that particular pick, she now likes them even more.

The retired secretary plays many Lottery games, always at the same Lottery retailer.  “They know me in that store, I never go any place else,” she said. She was following her normal routine this past Saturday,  getting her regular Pick 3 and Pick 4 numbers when she asked for a few of the Bingo Times 10 tickets. She then headed home. Once there, the lucky player grabbed a cup of coffee and proceeded to scratch the tickets and noticed she had a winner.

“I thought I won $10,000 and I just had to call the cashier, who sold it to me, to tell her the news,” she said. “While on the phone, the cashier reminded me that this game has a bonus and to make sure I scratch the multiplier,” she added with a broad smile. Still on the phone with the Lottery retailer, she scratched the bonus area showing a 5 times multiplier.  Her $10,000 win instantly turned into $50,000. After a little celebration over the phone with the cashier, she then shared the news with her family.

The big winner is unsure of what she will do with the prize money, although she said that she will most likely add it to her retirement to keep as a nest egg. “I am not going to blow it,” she said. The winning ticket was purchased at the Tobacco Shack II, located at 19328 Montgomery Village Ave. in Montgomery Village.

  • Hope Gardner

    Even though I have never won a prize bigger than 5$ with these scratch offs, I’ve really developed a liking for them. I am trying to see if anyone else has had luck winning big with them.

  • Good job, I glad you won, I love the Crossword puzzle and Bingo tickets also. Keep playing

  • Joanie

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    May God bless you may more times!!