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Lottery Surprise During Football for Glen Burnie Man

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Ahmad Taylor is a fan of football and the Maryland Lottery. Two of his favorite pastimes combined for a very special moment on Sunday evening. He was watching the Sunday Night Football game from home when the Lottery’s winning Bonus Match 5 numbers scrolled across the bottom of his screen. He noticed that they looked familiar.

Ahmad, a Comcast technician, had bought a Bonus Match 5 ticket earlier that day. He’d used family birthdays to select his numbers so, when they flashed across the bottom of the screen, he thought that he recognized a few. “I wasn’t sure, so I waited until halftime of the game to check the Lottery webpage,” Ahmad told officials. “When the Bonus Match 5 numbers appeared I thought I was imagining things. It had to be an error.” No mistake, all five of his numbers and the bonus ball matched – he’d won $50,000. “I saw the numbers on the computer and the numbers on my ticket so I eventually accepted that it was real. I did keep going back to check, though.”

With his winning, the Glen Burnie resident plans to help his family pay bills. Ahmad also is starting to plan a serious summer vacation. His lottery luck found him at the Giant grocery store, 7940 Crain Hwy. in Glen Burnie.

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