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Loyalty Pays Off for$1.75 Million Multi-Match Winner

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

A 23-year-old has become Rockville’s latest millionaire after playing Multi-Match last week. Since turning 18, the man has become an ardent fan of the game, buying tickets for every drawing.  That dedication was rewarded last week with a $1.75 million jackpot win.

The lucky winner has had several $1,000 wins courtesy of the twice-a-week Multi Match drawing. “I like the other jackpot games, but Multi-Match is my favorite,” said the winner. “I’ve had good luck with it.”

The man told Lottery officials that he usually checks the results several days after the drawing, so it took a while for him to realize he had won.  “When I checked my numbers and saw they matched, I was sure that I was dreaming,” he said. “There was no way it was real.”  After his father confirmed that he wasn’t seeing things, he began to get excited.

The restaurant employee has no immediate plans for how this $1.75 million prize will fit into his life, though travel is a definite possibility.  He does intend to keep playing Multi-Match, and will likely purchase his tickets from the Food Stop at 4820 Boiling Brook Parkway in Rockville, which is where he found his first jackpot win.

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