Lucky Streak Continues For Baltimore Woman

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Wins $50,000 Instantly on Double Dice Scratch-off

Double DiceA Baltimore woman decided to test her luck after returning from a weekend visit to an area casino. Hoping her luck would follow her home, the woman picked up a Double Dice scratch-off. Good fortune was certainly on her side when she discovered a $50,000 top prize.

“I did pretty well at the casino,” the 43-year-old administrative specialist told Lottery officials. “So, when I stopped by a convenience store, I picked out a scratch ticket to see if I could keep it going.”

An occasional player, she read the game’s instructions closely before playing. “I started scratching and almost immediately saw a $10,000 match. I didn’t react at all; I just kept scratching and finding more matches.”

The matches quickly added up to $50,000, leaving the lucky woman in shock. After a quick call to her husband, she made her way to Lottery headquarters an hour later to claim her prize.

“It sank in then – I got very excited.”

The couple has not thought too much about how the winnings will fit into their lives. “We’ll take some time to figure out the right way to handle this,” she said. “Slow and careful, but a new car is a definite possibility.”

Today’s winner thanks Trotters at 200 St. Paul St. in Baltimore for contributing to her lucky streak. Double Dice has six remaining $50,000 top prizes available in stores.

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