Maryland Lottery 40th Anniversary

Maryland Lottery 40th Anniversary

A lot can happen in 40 years. When the Maryland Lottery first opened its doors back in 1973, polyester pants were en vogue, people danced to disco and gasoline cost only 45 cents a gallon. Fads have come and gone in those 40 years, but we’re still in the business of fun and games – creating big winners and great memories.

In an effort to share our 40-year history with the public and give players a “behind-the-scenes” look at what it takes to run a successful Lottery, we teamed up with the Baltimore Museum of Industry to present a comprehensive and creative exhibit. Debuting March 2, 2013, “40 Years/40 Stories” takes visitors on a journey through time, from the very first Lottery drawing in Hopkins Plaza to the historical press conference announcing the world-record Mega Millions jackpot ticket sold in Maryland.

Whether you’re visiting the exhibit, watching a drawing on TV, stopping by our booth at an event, or playing a lucky scratch-off, we want to hear from you! Tweet us throughout the year using the hashtag #mdlottery40 and share your favorite Maryland Lottery moments. After all, we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

SEE ALSO: Charles “Buck” and Pat Hofferbert of Rosedale shared their memories of the Lottery’s 1973 Millionaire Party during their recent visit to the Maryland Lottery’s 40th Anniversary Exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.