Maryland Lottery Achieves 14th Straight Year of Record Sales

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Lottery Revenue Exceeds $519 Million for State’s General Fund;
Slots Program Generates Nearly $50 Million for Education Trust Fund

The Maryland Lottery added another year to the record books. The agency generated $1.714 billion in sales in fiscal year 2011, breaking its sales record for the 14th year in a row. The Maryland Lottery also contributed $519.37 million to the state’s General Fund, an increase of $8.86 million from last fiscal year. This revenue is used to support important initiatives, such as education, public safety, health and environmental programs. This revenue total makes the Maryland Lottery the fourth largest contributor to the state’s coffers after sales, income and corporate taxes. Fiscal year-end highlights include:

  • Sales of $1.714 billion, an increase of $7.83 million from last fiscal year
  • Revenue of $519.37 million, $8.86 million more than last fiscal year and the second-highest return in the Maryland Lottery’s history
  • Commissions earned by Lottery retailers totaled $113.7 million
  • Prizes paid to players reached more than $1.03 billion
  • While Lottery sales hit the highest level ever, operational expenses remained low at 3.1% of overall sales

“It’s gratifying to have added yet another year to the record books, especially in light of the challenging economy,” Lottery Director Stephen Martino said. “However, we are particularly pleased the Lottery has generated more than $519 million to support the good causes of the State of Maryland. Every dollar in revenue from the Maryland Lottery is a dollar less that needs to come from taxes.”

Mega Millions and Powerball, the Maryland Lottery’s multi-state jackpot games, registered a combined $159.3 million in sales. Combined sales for all Lottery jackpot games — Mega Millions, Powerball, Bonus Match 5 and Multi-Match — totaled $208.7 million. The Maryland Lottery’s monitor games, which include Keno, Keno Bonus, Keno Super Bonus, Racetrax and Racetrax Bonus, made a strong showing with combined sales of $496.7 million, an increase of nearly $4.7 million from last fiscal year.

In other game figures, Pick 3 totaled $260.8 million in sales with $130.8 million in prizes to players. Pick 4 sales came in at $254.6 million with $126.9 million in prizes to players. The Lottery’s instant games, or scratch-offs, garnered nearly $493.5 million in sales.

Since its inception in 1973, the Maryland Lottery has contributed more than $12.2 billion in revenue to the State of Maryland.

In addition to traditional Lottery sales, the state’s casinos generated millions of dollars to support K-12 public education in fiscal year 2011. The Maryland Lottery regulates the casinos and accounts for all revenue generated by the slot machines, which are owned and/or leased by the state. The cumulative fiscal year gross gaming revenue for Maryland’s two operating casinos, Hollywood Casino Perryville and the Casino at Ocean Downs, totaled $103.054 million with 48.5% — $49.981 million — going to benefit the state’s Education Trust Fund.

Martino added, “As regulator of the state’s casinos, the Lottery is pleased that the program is generating money for the public schools of Maryland and creating new jobs and career opportunities while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and fair play.”

To keep Marylanders informed and maintain integrity and transparency in its regulation of the state’s casinos, the Maryland Lottery posts monthly financial reports on slots revenue on its website,

  • Anonymous

    Since I never see big subscription winners, is it a bad way to play?  I choose this way in case I don’t have time to play, but is having the same numbers for a year not good, or should one just wait patiently and hope for the big subscription to payout.

  • Anonymous

    Since I never see big subscription winners, is it a bad way to play?  I choose this way in case I don’t have time to play, but is having the same numbers for a year not good, or should one just wait patiently and hope for the big subscription to payout.

  • Anonymous

    Why r there no big subscription winners lately in Maryland and when was the last big subscription winner in Maryland,  Is it better to play random tickets weekly than have a year subscription?

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  • Tia

    $519 million is a lot of money and I just find it so hard to believe that this money is going to education. My son attends Clinton Grove Elementary and when his teacher told me that she hadn’t had a raise in 4 years I was surprised since MD is getting all this money from the lottery. Every year, the school supply list gets larger including supplies the teachers will need. MD lottery makes a profit from the previous year every year. Who pockets is the money really fattening? If it is helping out the schools, why isn’t it helping out my child’s school?

    • mdlottery

      Tia: All revenue that the MDLottery generates goes into the state general fund. From there our state decision makes decide where the money is best appropriated. The MDLottery itself has no control over where it is distributed.

      • Tia

        Who regulates the state’s general fund? I want to write to them.

        • mdlottery

          Tia: The state’s general fund is managed by the Comptroller’s Office.

  • Debbie D

    How can you become a participant in the daily drawings. I would love to be on part of the thrill

    • mdlottery

      Debbie: Stay tuned to our Jobs page. From time to time a position opens up.

  • Keep up the good work.Its good knowing where my $ going too.I played $100 dollars on Silver n Gold and won nothing thanks a lot I give back to my state. Luv u md lottery!

  • Norma Rae Windsor

    I think that it’s great that the Md. Lottery is helping the st. of Md. as much as it is . Keep up the good work.

  • Been playing scratch-offs for awhile now. I like knowing were my loses go too keep up the the good work! $100 dollars playing silver n gold and no wins omg!

  • Duka A

    I would like to know about MD TPD platinum lotto. Is there anyone who win TPD in MD please? I have known there are several in other States like OHIO. When will be the next TPD winners will be announced here in MD please? How shall we know whose TPD wins? How long it may take to know the TPD results? thank you very much.

    • mdlottery

      Duka A: The Platinum Rewards Top Prize Drawing will take place at least 182 days after the Last Claim Date (per the rules), which has not occurred yet. The entry deadline and drawing date will be announced at that time. Stay tuned to for upcoming details.

      The winner will be contact by a Lottery representative immediately after the drawing.

  • Tom

    Congrats on another great year, keep up the good work. I really have no idea how this state would survive without the lottery. Even with the $519 million, they still say we’re broke. The lottery supports many projects that without the lottery we just would not have. Maybe someone will have a brain storm and propose a national lottery instead of new taxes/ completely voluntary to bolster the social security system***