Maryland Lottery Double Play Contest

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Hold onto your non-winning Double Play Scratch-Off Tickets

Double-Play_AnimatedBeginning March 21 visit and enter your non-winning Maryland Lottery Double Play scratch-off tickets for your chance to be selected as one of 162 Double Play Contestants of the Game winners or a chance to win one of eight Orioles Bonus Prizes.


162 CONTESTANT OF THE GAME PRIZES: If selected as a Contestant of the Game, you will win $1,000 for each Orioles double play made during your designated game. If no double play is made, you’ll win $100 worth of Maryland Lottery Double Play scratch-off tickets.

8 ORIOLES BONUS PRIZES: Your entry will also give you the opportunity to win one-of-a-kind Orioles bonus prizes including a Field of Dreams Experience, Trip to 2012 Spring Training and more.

The Double Play scratch-off launched on Monday, March 7. It is a $5 ticket where you can scratch the front and peel the back. The top prize is $50,000 and the ticket features no prize less than $10.

  • Anonymous

    how do you enter Amazing 8’s?

  • Trina

    When do you pull the tickets for the second chance? Are previous entries discarded or do you accumalate entries? How do you do if my entry was added to the drawing process?

    • mdlottery

      Trina: You can find the drawing schedule within the rules at Entries are included in only one drawing. You will receive a web page confirmation once your drawing has been submitted.

  • Curtiss Christopher

    Where can i find the schedule for the double play ticket drawings?

    • mdlottery

      Curtiss: You can find the official rules, as well as all information pertaining to the Double Play contest here.

  • I have a losing double play scratch off,Ihave tried to enter it double play sweepstakes. the thirteen numbers found on ticket, but keep coming back as invalid number , can you please help. THANKS

    • mdlottery

      John: Please make sure you are entering the 13-digit code underneath the latex on the front of the ticket. For further assitance check out the how to play video at It should help you in entering the ticket. If you continue to have trouble, please don’t hesitate to write back in.

  • Mary Kryglik

    When you enter your tickets is it for a certian time or for all year?

    • mdlottery

      Mary: When you enter a non-winning Double Play scratch-off into the contest it is only good for the next drawing period. For instance, if you entered today (Wed. 5/18/11) the entry would be good for the drawing held on 5/24. You can find the drawing periods within the official rules for the game. Hope this helps.

  • Yes, I would like to know how many times you can enter a ticket

    • mdlottery

      John: You can enter a non-winning Double Play scratch-off into the contest one (1) time. Once it has been entered it will not be accepted for any future drawings.

  • did I win ye

  • theresa holmes

    I live in the Hillendale area (1300 Halstead Road) of Baltimore County, where is closest location to purchase the Double Play tix? None of the vendors in my immediate area seem to know what I am talking about. Thanks.

    • mdlottery

      Theresa: Can you please provide a specific zip code?

  • Ruth Leatherwood

    My friends call me the #1 Oriole fan because I never miss a game and I have a huge collection of Orioles memorialibia. For a lady who is 78years old, I have seen a lot of changes in the Oriole team. I love reading about them. Until this year, I have always had season tickets.

  • Josh kennedy

    Big fan

  • Barry kennedy


  • LeRoy R McClelland, Sr

    on 4/15/11, I sent in a comment about the Mars store sorry it wasn’t the one in middleriver it turns out it called wateview shopping center just before the cross over to middleriver ! I guess you would say it’s in the Essex’s area.At this store they have a section that handles all maryland lottery tickets . Sorry for the mistake. Thank You LeRoy R McClelland,Sr.

    • mdlottery

      LeRoy: No problem.

  • win or lose i will allways be a fan

  • Robert Lohman Jr.

    strong fan of baltimore orioles

  • LeRoy R McClelland, Sr

    I try to get the lottery tickets for double play at Mars food store in middleriver and they said sorry they never heard about the tickets . Can you send someone out there and explain what the double play tickets are all about !
    Thank You LeRoy R McClelland Sr

    • mdlottery

      LeRoy: We sure will. Thanks.

  • Pat

    Having trouble getting to your sight to see winners names for the last Doubleplay Drawing. Whats going on?

    • mdlottery

      Pat: I’ve tested the site and everything is working as it should. Please click here and try again.

  • william wedemeyer

    Are the contestants notified in advance of the game they are entered? Or is there name called when the ball game starts.

  • ray taylor

    bought a double play ticket, where do you enter?

  • Robert Zelechowski

    where do you submit doubleplay ticket number?